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Halperin: Death Panels Are (Aren’t) In O-Care

Mark Halperin is the senior political analyst for Time magazine and MSNBC. In an interview with the radio talkshow host, Steve Malzberg, Halperin said the following:

Halperin: Death Panels Are Built Into Obama-Care

STEVE MALZBERG: I think they focused on the death panels which will be coming, call them what you will. Rationing is part of it.
MARK HALPERIN: I agree. Huge. It’s going to be a huge issue, and that’s something else about which the President was not fully forthcoming and straightforward. MALZBERG: Alright, so you believe that there will be rationing, AKA death panels.
HALPERIN: It’s built into the plan. It’s not like a guess or like a judgment. That’s going to be part of how costs are controlled.

But now he has suddenly changed his tune.

From the White House front, Talking Points Memo:

Mark Halperin: I Don’t Believe Obamacare Contains ‘Death Panels’

By Tom Kludt | November 26, 2013

Mark Halperin on Tuesday sought to clarify his comments about "death panels" in the Affordable Care Act.

In a pair of tweets, Halperin said he does not believe the health care law contains "death panels," but said the Independent Payment Advisory Board faces political challenges ahead. He quoted former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean (D), who called the board "essentially a health-care rationing body." But the Affordable Care Act explicitly bars the IPAB from rationing care.

The IPAB also explicitly bans funding abortions. And we see how that is working.

Mark Halperin: In Mon intv I did not say "death panels" nor do I believe ACA contains them. Was speaking of political/policy challenge of IPAB cuts. My bad"

Mark Halperin: "The IPAB is essentially a health-care rationing body." Again, not endorsing that view, but shows coming political challenge"

During an interview on Monday, Halperin seemed to agree with right-wing shock jock [sic] Steve Malzberg’s assertion that "there will be rationing, a.k.a ‘death panels.’"

"It’s built into the plan. It’s not like a guess or like a judgment. That’s going to be part of how costs are controlled," Halperin said in the interview.

But Halperin only "seemed" to say what he said. Still, isn’t it hilarious when the mask slips and Democrats accidentally speak the truth?

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2 Responses to “Halperin: Death Panels Are (Aren’t) In O-Care”

  1. yadayada says:

    Neera Tanden, President of the Center for American Progress today on Fox News Sunday. When Chris Wallace asked her a question about ocare , she said, “the hard part is going to be convincing people this is a good plan.” She quickly regathered herself and spewed the party line.

  2. JohnMG says:

    Soooooooo,………somebody from the White House took little Stevie to the back room and spanked his little pee-pee for going off the reservation.


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