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Hamas To Cancel ‘Mickey Mouse’ Kids TV Show

From those defenders of the faith at the Associated Press:

Militant ‘Mickey Mouse’ pulled off air

By MOHAMMED DARAGHMEH, Associated Press Writer

Hamas militants have suspended a TV program that featured a Mickey Mouse lookalike urging Palestinian children to fight Israel and work for global Islamic domination, the Palestinian information minister said Wednesday.

Information Minister Mustafa Barghouti said the character — a giant black-and-white rodent with a high-pitched voice — represented a “mistaken approach” to the Palestinian struggle against Israeli occupation.

He said that the program was pulled from Hamas-affiliated Al Aqsa TV at his ministry’s request and “placed under review.”

The character, named “Farfour,” or “butterfly,” but unmistakably a copy of the Disney character, preached against the U.S. and Israel each Friday on the show called “Tomorrow’s Pioneers.”

“You and I are laying the foundation for a world led by Islamists,” Farfour squeaked on a recent episode. “We will return the Islamic community to its former greatness, and liberate Jerusalem, God willing, liberate Iraq, God willing, and liberate all the countries of the Muslims invaded by the murderers.”

Children called in to the show, many singing Hamas anthems about fighting Israel.

A spokeswoman for Burbank, Calif.-based Walt Disney Co. did not return phone calls seeking comment, and the Gaza TV station had no comment…

Here is a compilation of clips purportedly from the official Palestinian Authority’s TV network, via YouTube:

Jihad : The Children’s Club

[YouTube caption:] An informative compilation of clips from official PA ["Palestinian" Authority] TV. The main focus is around a children’s television program in which the youngsters are encouraged to take up arms for the Islamic holy war against the non-believers. Also contains footage of terrorist training camps for children.

Hamas does not want to get the Disney company mad at them.

Disney will teach them the real meaning of jihad.

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