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Hamas Gives Fatah Until Friday To Surrender

From those lovers of peace at Al Jazeera:

Hamas issues Gaza arms ultimatum

The armed wing of Hamas has told the Palestinian security forces loyal to Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president and head of Fatah, to surrender their arms.

About 40 Palestinians have been killed in the past two days as the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades appear to have gained ground across the Gaza Strip.

The group have ordered the security forces in the northern Gaza Strip to hand over their weapons by Friday at 1600GMT.

The high command of the Fatah-dominated National Security Forces ordered its men to remain in their positions and “defend the security headquarters with all your might”.

In Khan Yunis, the headquarters of the Preventive Security Force has reportedly been “totally destroyed” after a bomb exploded in a tunnel underneath it.

“There are dead and wounded,” Yussef Eissa, the Preventive Force chief, said as he blamed Hamas for the explosion. Hamas has not yet responded to the allegations.

Witnesses said that Hamas fighters had warned the officers inside the building to come out or they would blow the building up.

Hamas has taken over several posts from Abbas’s National Security Force in the fighting, including a base in the northern Gaza Strip they captured after a bloody battle on Tuesday.

Residents reported that green Hamas flags were also flying from several smaller compounds in central Gaza.

Mortars and rockets were fired into the headquarters of the intelligence services in western Gaza City, facing stiff resistance from the men holed up inside, witnesses and security sources said…

Hamas fighters have also reportedly taken control of the coastal strip’s main north-south road, putting them in position to cut off reinforcements to the security forces.

More than 60 Palestinians are estimated to have died since the fighting resumed four days ago.

The UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) has suspended most of its operations in the Gaza Strip after two Palestinian employees were shot dead.

Christopher Gunness, UNRWA spokesman, said they appeared to have been caught in the crossfire rather targeted directly.

“In view of increased threats to our staff, UNRWA has no choice but to scale back its operations in Gaza with immediate effect,” he said.

The agency has temporarily suspended all but emergency medical and food programmes…

Oh, those crazy Palestinians.

And what a surprise it is that the UN would be the first to run away.

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