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Hamas Kids TV “Bee” Abuses Zoo Animals

The latest doings from our friend (and Mickey’s replacement) Nahoul The Bee, via YouTube:

The Palestinians finally do something that even incense the BBC:

Hamas TV rapped for animal abuse

A US-based animal rights group says it will protest to a Hamas-run TV channel over a programme, showing animals being abused at a zoo in the Gaza Strip.

The group, Peta, criticised al-Aqsa TV for the children’s show in which an actor was swinging cats around by their tails and throwing stones at lions.

The show’s host said afterwards that children should not behave like this.

The episode about the Gaza zoo featured in the al-Aqsa TV children’s programme – Tomorrow’s Pioneers – last week.

In it, an actor dressed as a bee was swinging cats around by their tails and also throwing stones at lions in their cages.

The episode was reportedly aimed at teaching children not to abuse animals.

But it drew strong criticism from Peta (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) after it was posted on YouTube video-sharing website by Palestinian Media Watch group.

“It’s shocking and sickening,” Peta’s Martin Mersereau told Reuters news agency.

“Any lessons meant to be contained in this segment are almost certainly lost on most children, who are more likely to imitate people they see treating animals cruelly rather than understand this behaviour is wrong,” he said…

No, such abuse should be reserved for the damn Jews and other infidels.

Something that neither the BBC nor PETA seem to be bothered about.

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