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Happy Ashura Everybody! – Graphic Photos

Once again it’s time for our annual glimpse of Ashura’s joyous celebrants around the world, courtesy of the wire services:



And it’s for the old and young alike.

Oh, and death to the US!

Lebanon’s Hezbollah supporters raise their hands as they chant slogans against Israel and America during the Ashura ceremony held in Beirut’s suburbs January 19, 2008. Tens of thousands of Shi’ite Muslim Lebanese converged on Hezbollah’s southern Beirut bastion on Saturday to mark the climax of Ashura religious ceremony, one of Shi’ite Islam’s holiest events. Ashura, a 10-day-long event commemorates the death of the Prophet Mohammed’s grandson Iman Hussein in battle 1,300 years ago.

What a beautiful religion.

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