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Happy Fourth Of July To All Our S&L Family!

We thought we would take this opportunity to wish our merry band a happy Independence Day!

With a special ‘thank you’ to all who help keep our country free!

This article was posted by Steve on Monday, July 4th, 2011. Comments are currently closed.

7 Responses to “Happy Fourth Of July To All Our S&L Family!”

  1. Right of the People says:


    Have safe and joyful day celebrating the best country in the world’s birthday.

    • Melly says:

      Thx. Ordered “Two if by Tea” today for a friend to celebrate the fourth. Best to Steve and all and God bless America.

  2. proreason says:

    happy 4th to the denizens of the website of the free and the commentary of the brave.

    Here is proreason’s state of the race for July 4, 2011

    1. Current favorite – Perry. Second place – Romney. But it’s really still wide open.
    2. Biggest surprise – Bachmann, then Cain
    3. Biggest disapointment – Pawlenty
    4. Most predictable implosion – Newt
    5. Best campaign so far – Romney
    6. Look out for – Christie (Pawlenty’s failure has left a huge gap between Romney and the conservatives)
    7. Palin watch – how can she run now that Bachmann has gained traction?
    8. Veep – still Rubio, but Bachmann is coming on
    9. What is this person doing? – Huntsman
    10. Sleeper – Santorium (Bachmann and Caine might implode since the big guns are being leveled at them now)
    11. Stranger things have happened – Perry might decide not to run to avoid Palinization and because he isn’t loved in his home state.
    12. Do you remember – Donald Trump. Was he just a Rush/Trump play to teach the field how to handle the make believe media?

    • canary says:

      Pro, Trump was on Hannity couple of weeks and again threatening to run 3rd party because he doesn’t see any decent Republican. All the money he gave to Rangel and other demorcrat liberals to include Hillary. Also, I was listening to an interview of the man who helped him get the birth certificate, and he said when he contacted Trump about it being legitimate as Trump and lost all interest, and he implied he thinks Trump did it to help Obama. He told of conversations he had with Trump that led him to believe this. Go figure.
      Trump has only griped, and not gave any course of action.
      I also recall watching an interview Trump gave, after the GM bailout, and adviced to buy from them. Their costs have skyrocketed. Let’s not forget Trump was so bold his wife found out about his girlfriend when he had her come on a family ski trip and put her in the same hotel. Media got pics of it. Trump has a thing for dating and marrying beauty queens. So, since Trump has threatened to run 3rd party, I can only think he likes the lime light.
      And Romney is so into going green, don’t believe for a second he against electric cars. Big on bicycles paths, rationing water, etc. I don’t trust him. And the federal stimulus money MA got for a green thing he started, doesn’t set well with me.

      Texas doesn’t food.

      Also, I was impressed the way they looked through their history and went against the tide, after Obama was elected.

      The ACT National test, though it changes all the time, had a passage in the Reading part, full of b.s. and said Thomas Jefferson may not have plagerized (sic) as everyone believed but that he wrote the Declaration of Independence too fast and should have made more corrections, as he gave it little thought and wrote it too fast, b.s.

      Ronald Reagan was honored by UK today July 4th 2011.
      Reagan wasn’t afraid to say the “communism word”.
      Politicians today are afraid to say the “socialism word”.
      And today we owe him, for reminding us what pride in the U.S. once felt like.

  3. DW says:

    Warm birthday regards to all y’all from north of the medicine line.
    Keep the faith.

  4. TerryAnne says:

    I hope everyone’s Independence Day was filled with fun, fireworks, food and family!

    Thank you, Steve, for hosting this site and staying true to many ideas envisioned and dictated by our Founding Fathers (freedom of the press being a big one)! You help make July 4th all the more special by reminding us daily (during these trying times of forced change) of what our nation was built for and stands for.

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