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Speaker Dennis Hastert: “We Must Seal Border”

From the DNC's  Associated Press:

Hastert: U.S. Must Seal Border U.S. House Speaker Says GOP Must Press Immigration Issue This Year

(AP) WASHINGTON House Speaker Dennis Hastert voiced confidence today that the United States can block illegal immigrants from crossing the nation's borders even though he estimates there are up to 15 million living here already.

During a phone interview with "The Don and Roma Morning Show" on Chicago's WLS radio station, Hastert said the U.S. must seal its border.

Hastert said fences, pedestrian inhibitors and the Army Corps of Engineers and Border Patrol working together could accomplish the goal.

The Illinois Republican has been emphasizing the immigration issue in making the case to voters that they should keep Congress in GOP hands.

Hastert announced last month that the House would hold hearings on immigration across 12 states to help put together legislation that could pass both the House and Senate and be signed by President Bush.

Well, at least the Senate finally got around to actually funding the previously approved fence.

(A fact I had missed until Gila Monster pointed it out below.)

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