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Health Insurance Waivers Double To 222

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

More Health Waivers

December 7, 2010, by Jamie Dupree

The Obama Administration has quietly granted even more waivers to one provision of the new federal health reform law, doubling the number in just the last three weeks to a new total of 222.

One of the more recognizable business names included on the newly-expanded list of waivers issued by the feds is that of Waffle House, which received a waiver on November 23 for health coverage that covers 3,947 enrollees.

Somehow the Waffle House seems appropriate.

Another familiar name was that of Universal Orlando, which runs a variety of very popular resorts in the Orlando, Florida area. Universal was given a waiver for plans that cover 668 workers…

A spokeswoman for Waffle House refused to explain the need for the waiver, saying "because Waffle House is a private company, we are going to decline to comment."

As for Universal Orlando, a spokesman defended the waiver in an email on Monday evening.

"The new legislation would have left our part-time workers without their medical coverage," said Tom Schroder of Universal Orlando Public Relations.  

"We sought the waiver so that we could continue to provide them with the coverage they need and deserve," Schroder added.

The information on the waivers, which is buried deep on the web site of the U.S. Health & Human Services Department, shows that since it was last updated in mid-November, the number of waivers issued has gone from 111 to 222, covering organizations as diverse as the "Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Ogdensburg" to the "Pearson Candy Company."

You can find a list of all of the 222 waivers at http://is.gd/iiw3u

Several weeks ago, critics singled out a number of unions which had received government approval for exemptions from certain provisions of the law dealing with annual medical spending limit requirements.

And there are more unions who have received waivers in this latest batch, like the Bricklayers Local 1 of MD, VA and DC, the United Food and Commercial Workers Union in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, the Indiana Teamsters Health Benefits Fund, Service Employees International Union Local 1 Cleveland Welfare Fund, and more are listed

This is how dictatorships with their Byzantine bureaucracies always work. Those with insider influence get waivers. The rest just have to take it.

But it is always the government who picks the winners and losers. Which makes it a lot easier for the government to keep the populace in line.

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One Response to “Health Insurance Waivers Double To 222”

  1. wardmama4 says:

    I will only be happy when that number hits 300million – until then REPEAL, REPEAL, REPEAL – but already the cowardly dealers in DC are talking cut here, defund there, ‘fix’ there too. NO, NO, HELL NO – REPEAL.

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