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Henrietta Hughes Was Offered A House

From Southwest Florida’s CBS affiliate WINK News:

Henrietta Hughes says she’s not milking the system

By Nick Spinetto, WINK News

Feb 13, 2009

SOUTHWEST FLORIDA – A woman making national headlines after a tearful moment with President Obama has a new home.

Thursday morning, Chene Thompson handed Henrietta Hughes the keys to her home in Hendry County. Thompson is the wife of State Representative Nick Thompson (R-District 73). Hughes and her son will live at the home rent free.

However, a local organization is coming forward saying Hughes isn’t being honest about how much help she’s had in the past.

The director of We Care Outreach Ministry, Tanya Johnson, says just last month she offered Henrietta Hughes permanent housing and a place to stay free for three months, but Hughes refused.

"We would have allowed her to stay for the first 90 days, no income. You know free," said Tanya Johnson.

We Care Outreach Ministry is a faith based organization in Fort Myers.

Johnson says she also gave Henrietta and her son Corey, money, food and offered Corey job training courses, but it was refused.

"We have extended a lot of her services to her," Johnson said.

But Henrietta Hughes says these services weren’t free and the apartment in East Fort Myers came with a price tag.

Hughes says Tanya Johnson wanted $400 a month immediately.

The disability check Hughes gets is a little more than $800 a month.

Hughes owes money on a loan, has her car insurance payment, a monthly storage bill and says she couldn’t afford the rent.

"Where was I going to get $400 a month to give her if I got these expenses," Hughes told WINK News.

WINK News Reporter Nick Spinetto went back to talk to Tanya Johnson and she stands by her story.

Henrietta Hughes says she’s never taken advantage of the system and doesn’t choose to be homeless. Like other programs she’s tried to get help from, she says We Care couldn’t meet her needs.

State Representative Nick Thompson and his wife Chene are standing by the Henrietta and her son, Corey. They spoke out against the allegations Henrietta is milking the system, even when confronted with the fact WINK News found out the Hughes’ sold property, back in 2005. This is after Henrietta and her son lost their home in 2003 and started living in their car. Henrietta and her son sold the land for $47,000 dollars. But Chene Thompson says that was all the money they had for several years and it’s gone.

"They have nothing today. They need help today. They didn’t need help in 2005. They need help today. So whether they had $47,000 or $147,000 in 2005, it doesn’t matter. They don’t have any money today," she said.

The Thompson’s say they are sad Henrietta has to defend herself against these allegations and they will continue to help her. They also hope it doesn’t deter other people from helping.

Big surprise, huh?

But don’t expect to see the mainstream media pick this up.

She’s no “Joe The Plumber.”

This article was posted by Steve on Friday, February 13th, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

23 Responses to “Henrietta Hughes Was Offered A House”

  1. caligirl9 says:

    Hughes is not milking the system just like the certifiably crazy octo-mom here in bankrupt California isn’t milking the system (and the newly-discovered 49-year old woman carrying four fetuses, impregnated by the same goofy physician, and who has no insurance osn’t about to milk the system either …).

  2. Howard Roark says:

    Great follow-up, SG.

  3. proreason says:

    “Thursday morning, Chene Thompson handed Henrietta Hughes the keys to her home in Hendry County”

    I have to say, even in this bizarro world, this is the most flabbergasting thing I’ve heard yet.

    It makes me so boiling mad, I can’t see straight.

    • Colonel1961 says:

      You need an RB-tini!

    • proreason says:

      McDonald’s rage-boy and the black man who so carefully explained why unemployment benefits should cover one’s entire salary must be angrier than I am.

      Unless they have already had their bitter waters turned into wine.

  4. Consilience says:

    Hughes was a plant for the thug messiah—-all of these people are crooked and dishonest

  5. pdsand says:

    “”They have nothing today. They need help today. They didn’t need help in 2005. They need help today. So whether they had $47,000 or $147,000 in 2005, it doesn’t matter. They don’t have any money today,” she said.”

    He’s not talking about communism, marxism and socialism today. He’s not sitting in church listening to a crazy person yell gosh darn (sic) America, today. He’s not occasionally doing drugs today. He’s not yucking it up with a weatherman terrorist today. He may have been doing all of these things quite openly in 2003, but it doesn’t matter. He’s not doing anything horrible and reprehensible that would make your mother puke, today.

    • Consilience says:

      “just words, just speeches…” the thug messiah, 2008 campaign—words mean nothing to these people…

  6. jobeth says:

    I found it really interesting that this “poor” victim of life had made sure her “budget” included her tithe…top line.

    Sigh….”Oh How wonderful this Christian lady is. She couldn’t possibly lying…See? she tithes!”

    As a Christian myself, I know how important our tithes are. We as Christians owe this to God.

    However, have you ever noticed how people who are on the take always seem to be professing Christians?

    Not THAT makes ME angry!

    More so than even the scam she is running.
    I am willing to bet she only attends a church who “meets her needs”

    Comparing the house she was forclosed on and the house she was offered and refused…I guess she thought it was beneath her. I mean, they just couldn’t meet her “needs”. Not upscale enough for her tastes. Silly charity!

  7. bl says:

    Just arrived from the Get Drunk site: Hope I fit in OK. Here it goes:
    To Ms. Henrietta: My oldest brother died last April, 2008. 4 month battle with lung cancer. Has worked since age 15.
    Was a auto repairman all his life. Loved cars (American mostly), but loved cars. The messiah could have come by for a tune up if he liked. But anyway. When the time came to rely on Soc. Sec. disability, guess what? Wait 6 months, that’s what he and my sister-in-law heard at every phone call. The anger I feel today is just as strong as when he died. This man worked the majority of his life, NEVER did any one in my family rely on the govt. NEVER, my parents were WW11 generation. They would disown their children if even they thought about getting help from the govt. But here was a devastating situation like yours Henrietta. He had some business and personal problems the last few years of his life. So he swallowed his pride and said “I put plenty, more than enough into social sec. I deserve to have some of it at this point.” Wait 6 months for what natrually belonged to him. Yea, ya gotta love the government. Good for nothin’s. I wonder if the stimulas crap will speed this up so another family who is REALLY deserving of it can it get when needed. Nah, Hollywood is getting millions of it. They need it more, after all, all the computer generated crap they have been putting out over the years is finally puttting them out of business. Yea, rely on government.

    • JohnMG says:

      Welcome, BL. You’ll fit in just fine.

    • jobeth says:

      bl, you don’t ever have to be ashamed of taking SS disability.

      That is an insurance policy your brother and you and your parents have PAID into for many years. Your brother worked hard for that money and if he had been allowed to invest it or buy a private insurance policy he would have undoubtably gotten even more.

      That is the very least he should expect He worked. And I agree, it shouldn’t take 6 months to get it. 6 months and a lot of people who worked and paid taxes all their lives for what they’ve earned, could be on the streets themselves.

      I guess then Obalmy would “help” you…(and who wants THAT?)

      Its these folks that don’t work at all and expect those who do to “meet their needs” that get our ire up .

      And by the way, welcome!

    • catie says:

      Hi BL, great to see you over here too. I think all of us from the Get Drunk site will fit in here fine as well.
      Sorry about your brother but it always seems the scammers get it with no problems while the truly deserving do not. Again, I’m sorry you just lost your brother.

  8. Barbie says:

    She’s not as bad as the addledbrained McDonald’s guy. I mean, she is, but that McDonald’s guy and the ‘I LOVE YOU BARACK’ zombie really got to me.

    • catie says:

      Addle brained-that’s a great way to describe old Julio. What a fool. My folks live in FL and the next time we go down there we may have to go to Fort Myers and see if we can find him at the McDonald’s.

    • proreason says:

      there’s more to McDonalds Rage Boy’s story then we will ever know.

      If he has worked at McDonalds for 4 years and showed any capacity whatsoever to do a good job, he would have been promoted.

      If he can’t get another job, there is a reason for it. EVERYBODY that shows up on time and sober, who complies with the work rules, and applies himself to the tasks at hand is promoted to positions of more responsibility than pushing a broom. Everybody.

    • TwilightZoned says:

      PR you absolutely correct. My brother began his career with Hardy’s as a general worker, moving up to manager within a couple of years. After a few years he moved on to Arby’s managing 3-4 stores and within 5-6 years became a regional manager making over $100K a year. Julio is either lazy, a blatant liar, or a plant.

  9. yellarcan says:

    Ms. Hugs I mean Hughes isn’t milking the system and Mt. Everest is a molehill.

  10. imnewatthis says:


    Is that the son hangin’ with her in the pictures? He sure looks healthy. She looks pretty healthy too, come to think of it. Sonny looks like he could come up with $400 amonth.

  11. proreason says:

    Feudal lords held a court where humble serf supplicants prostrated themselves in hopes of a few extra crumbs. Sometimes the benevolent lord would comply, to demonstrate his generosity. Meanwhile, the crops of all other serfs were confiscated, and the lord would give back just enough to keep them alive for another year.

    It only took Obamy 4 weeks to return us to the 8th centrury.

    And if you don’t agree, keep close track of your fingers and toes.

  12. Confucius says:

    “They spoke out against the allegations Henrietta is milking the system,”

    Potaeto, potahto. Milking, scamming. Democrat, criminal. It’s all the same thing.

  13. bl says:

    Thankyou to jobeth, catie and JohnMG. I never really wanted to go personal here. But when I see this feel sorry….gimme crap. Something for nothing jazz. I just sear inside. I do appreciate your input on my behalf. Thanks again.

  14. wardmama4 says:

    They also hope it doesn’t deter other people from helping

    I know this stupid person is implying that the investigation and exposure of this fraud by bloggers/conservatives is what she hopes doesn’t deter people from helping – but like Fiberals themselves she missed the point that it is the frauds like Henrietta that deter other people from helping.

    I’ve been taken a couple of times by the hard luck stories scam artists and no it hasn’t stopped me from donating/helping – I am just more careful and not so quick to help.

    BTW, according to Julio he’s been working at Micky Ds for 4.5 years – that would have made him 14 when he started – isn’t that against the law in FL?

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