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Peaceniks Call In Bomb Threat To Crawford Store

The story reported earlier on Powerline has now been confirmed by All Headline News:

Bomb Threat Shuts Down Crawford, Texas

August 21, 2005 8:11 p.m. EST

Douglas Maher – All Headline News Staff Reporter

Crawford, Texas (AHN) – Chaos consumed Crawford, Texas again Sunday, but not because of the President's motorcade stopping in town or the anti-war protests from Cindy Sheehan's group. This time it was a bomb threat that closed the city down for nearly 3 hours.

Investigators are looking into who made a phone call to the Yellow Rose Gift Shop where the manager of the shop received a phone call. She says a man with a deep voice said "the building is going up in smoke" and "get out."

Police evacuated the surrounding businesses and blocked off two roads, including the one that leads to President Bush's ranch.

This story is creepy for several reasons. One, is that a blog site, Crawford Update, had already drawn our attention to the "eyesore" that is the Yellow Rose Gift Shop:

Separation of Church and Town

Not sure if anyone has seen this pic but it's definitley sparked some interesting comments among the people gathering in Crawford. The Yellow Grove gift store (includes "Bush Gifts") has a rather large flatbed out front with two tablets of the Ten Commandments on them. In between them is a re-creation of the Liberty Bell. It's big and lighted up with all kinds of lights at night. We weren't real sure what the overall message was (whether its liberty through God and his commandments or something else) but its the first thing you see when you roll into town. This brings up a sticky issue that I won't go into here, but it should give you an idea of where Crawford sits in our political and cultural divide.

It's creepier still because this same site, the Crawford Update, had earlier asked for flowers. Then, miraculously, the next day flowers were delivered.

At the very least their hand-wringing post probably represents the mindset of the perp behind the bomb threat. The Liberty Bell and The Ten Commandments?!

They were just asking for it.

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