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Hezbollah Continues Attacks On Lebanese

From their cheerleaders at Reuters:

Smoke rises from the Alley area during clashes between Hezbollah gunmen and Druze pro-government fighters in Mount Lebanon May 11, 2008.

Hezbollah battles Druze east of Beirut

By Laila Bassam

BEIRUT (Reuters) – Shi’ites loyal to Lebanese opposition group Hezbollah battled Druze supporters of the ruling coalition east of Beirut on Sunday, adding to the worst civil strife since the 1975-90 war.

The fighting in Aley, a town in the mountains overlooking Beirut, and nearby villages was the latest violence between followers of Hezbollah, a group backed by Syria and Iran, and supporters of the U.S.-backed governing coalition.

At least five people were killed and 12 wounded, bringing the number of dead in five days of fighting throughout Lebanon to 49. At least 140 people have been wounded.

Hezbollah and allied Druze fighters took control of several village in the area, security sources said. A 6 p.m. (1500 GMT) ceasefire did not hold, witnesses said.

Black smoke rose from several villages as explosions and sound of gunfire echoed in the pine-covered hills and valleys of the picturesque area…

Hezbollah seized much of west Beirut on Friday after its fighters routed supporters of the anti-Syrian ruling coalition. Lebanese troops patrolled Beirut on Sunday after the group’s fighters pulled back from areas they had taken.

Hezbollah agreed to withdraw its forces from Beirut after the Lebanese army overturned the government decisions. However, the Hezbollah-led opposition said it would maintain a campaign of civil disobedience until all its demands were met.

Prime Minister Fouad Siniora said his cabinet would meet soon to decide on Hezbollah’s demand and the army’s request that the government annul the decisions altogether.

In Beirut, hundreds of soldiers backed by armored vehicles set up roadblocks and took up positions on the streets of the mainly Muslim part of the capital.

There were no gunmen in sight but youths maintained barricades on some crucial roads, ensuring Beirut’s air and sea ports remained closed

Notice how the noble Hezbollah continues to fight even after the Lebanese government has caved to all of their demands.

It was ever thus.

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