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Hezbollah Defeated In Lebanon Election

From a despondent New York Times:

A Lebanese bride and groom leave a polling station after casting their votes in southern Beirut.

U.S.-Backed Alliance Appears to Win in Lebanon


June 8, 2009

BEIRUT, Lebanon — An American-backed alliance appeared to retain control of the Lebanese Parliament on Sunday in a hotly contested election that had been billed as a showdown between Tehran and Washington for influence in the Middle East.

Preliminary results reported on Lebanese television showed the alliance, known as the March 14 coalition, had managed to preserve its majority in Parliament. If those results are confirmed, they would represent a significant and unexpected defeat for Hezbollah and its allies, Iran and Syria. Most polls had showed a tight race, but one in which the Hezbollah-led group would win.

The tentative victory may have been aided by nearly unprecedented turnout. The preliminary results showed that about 55 percent of the 3.26 million registered voters cast ballots. Lebanese television reported that the March 14 coalition, a predominantly Sunni, Christian and Druze alliance, held at least 67 seats out of 128 in Parliament.

Though the Hezbollah-led challengers appeared to lose, Hezbollah itself — a Shiite political, social and military organization that is officially regarded by the United States and Israel as a terrorist group — will continue to be one of Lebanon’s most powerful political forces…

Initially it was expected to be a very close race, with political analysts saying that as few as seven seats might have decided the outcome of the contest. Even with the majority expanding its base by a few seats, there was likely still the need, analysts said, to bring the opposition into a national unity government…

Three groups of election monitors have been deployed, including former President Carter’s organization. But even before the race began, it was marred by charges of unprecedented vote buying. In the most contested districts, there were reports of votes being bought for as much as $2,000, and thousands of expatriates received all-expense-paid trips to Lebanon to vote.

In one district, an ambulance brought hospital patients to the polls to cast ballots

You can just hear the bitter disappointment all through this article.

But clearly The Times still holds out hope that Mr. Carter and his merry band will declare the results invalid and that their allies will carry the day after all.

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7 Responses to “Hezbollah Defeated In Lebanon Election”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    The little Hitler in Iran won’t be happy over these events. After he throws a temper tantrum and throws darts at Obama in Muslim garb poster, he’ll launch his usual hate at the Americans, Jews and infidels.

  2. A Mad Pole says:

    Not sure why, but at first I read the headline as “U.S-borked Alliance…”

  3. jobeth says:

    “An American-backed alliance appeared to retain control of the Lebanese Parliament ”

    Just in time to be skewered by the new American terrorist denying president. They better enjoy it while they have it because Obalmy will be backing Hezbollah in the next race, You know…just to show the terro…ah hem…the “freedom fighters” we love them.

  4. proreason says:

    Whenever I hear something like this that appears to be evidence of sanity by liberals and / or anybody from the Middle East…………I wonder what the truth actually is………and expect the worst to come.

  5. The_Beloved_Deb says:

    None of these guys better start their cars without a bomb check for the next few years..I mean forever.

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