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HHS Muzzles Media For Tour Of Alien Processing Facility

From National Review:

HHS Will ‘Muzzle the Media’ During Tour of Immigrant Child Housing

By Joel Gehrke | July 7, 2014

Health and Human Services officials will allow reporters to visit a military facility housing some of the immigrant children who have arrived at the southern border in recent weeks, but only if the media promises not to record anything, not to ask any questions during the tour, and not to talk to any of the staff members or children.

Are the reporters going to a US military facility or to North Korea? And this is supposed to be the most transparent administration in history?

“This violates the First Amendment,” Representative Jim Bridenstine (R., Okla.), who represents the congressional district containing the housing facility at Fort Sill, said of the HHS invitation to the media.  “This is not transparent. HHS is trying to muzzle the media and hide the human tragedy that has resulted directly from the administration’s failure to enforce the law.”

HHS attached seven rules “in order to protect the safety and privacy of the children” for the media who come to the tour, according to an HHS invitation released by Bridenstine’s office:

Once again, they HHS claims to be doing all of this in the name of ‘child safety.’ Meanwhile, ICE is turning these ‘children’ over to anyone who shows up and claims to be a relative. Which is especially galling when the supposed reason for allowing these kids to stay in the US is to protect them from domestic abuse and sex trafficking.

– No recording devices will be allowed
– No questions will be allowed during the tour
– No interacting with staff and children at the shelter
– We ask that your questions be provided via email or phone after the tour to Kenneth Wolfe
– HHS ACF public affairs will provide answers to your follow up questions as quickly as possible
– We will provide photos of the facility after the tour
– There will be no on-site interviews by HHS staff before or after the tour, all inquiries go to Kenneth Wolfe…

For some reason we are reminded of the Red Cross inspections in ‘Stalag 17.’

Besides, as we have asked before, why weren’t Nancy Pelosi and Sheila Jackson Lee saddled with these kind of restrictions? Oh, that’s right. The administration knows they can count on them to lie for the cause.

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2 Responses to “HHS Muzzles Media For Tour Of Alien Processing Facility”

  1. captainfish says:

    And all the media in the house say, “Yeah. Haayyy! Oh yeah!”
    Their acquiescence is devastating.

    For an industry that fought tooth and nail to stand unfettered upon the pillars of “the freedom of the press’, how far they have brought it low.

    I find today’s media no better than al-Jezeera, the Chinese or N. Korean state run media, or Baghdad Bob. Have you seen the lady from the State Dept??? Baghdad Bob’s daughter. And the media lap it up. Our country is done for.

  2. canary says:

    Just google illegal immigrant children images, as the media will not describe so many overweight children especially females, that don’t look like they had a long travel.

    And they all look like Mexicans. There are subtle, but obvious traits just as the people in different Asian countries look different.

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