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HHS: Obama-Care’s Average Monthly Cost – $328

From the water carriers at Reuters:

Obamacare’s average monthly cost across U.S.: $328

By Caroline Humer | September 25, 2013

(Reuters) – Americans will pay an average premium of $328 monthly for a mid-tier health insurance plan when the Obamacare health exchanges open for enrollment next week, and most will qualify for government subsidies to lower that price, the Obama administration said on Wednesday.

And we should believe the Obama administration. After all, when have they ever lied to us before? But even if this were true (and it’s not), those government ‘subsidies’ are going to be paid by someone. In fact, they will be paid by the same poor slobs who have to go to work every day to pay for everything else.

But Obama-Care has less to do with healthcare than with redistributing income from the workers to the takers.

The figure, based on data for approved insurance plans in 48 states, represents the broadest national estimate for how much Americans will pay for health coverage under President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform law next year…

In other words, these projections are about as reliable and apolitical as those from the CBO.

Prices were lower in states with more competition among insurers and higher in states with fewer players, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) said in its report…

Gee, so competition drives down costs? Who knew? It’s too bad, Obama-Care is actually driving so many insurance companies out of the market in various states.

HHS said the average price was 16 percent lower than its own projections on premiums.

So they were wrong before, but they are right now?

In addition, consumers who earn up to 400 percent of the federal poverty level, or $62,040 for a couple, will qualify for subsidies that will lower the price further…

At first. But once they realize that this is completely unsustainable only Obama’s most hard-bitten constituents will qualify for taxpayer subsidies.

The data is mostly based on 36 states where the federal government will operate the insurance exchange. About 14 other states and the District of Columbia are running their own exchange…

Texas has been among the Republican-led states most fiercely opposed to Obamacare, but its monthly rates came in below the national average, HHS said. In Austin, Texas, with 76 plans to choose from, a 27-year-old would pay $169 per month for the lowest cost mid-tier plan. In Dallas-Fort Worth, with 43 plans to choose from, that price was $217 per month, the report said…

Gosh, that’s ironic. And another reason to turn Texas blue. (Which is one of the news media’s top goals.)

Enrolling enough consumers is key to making the healthcare overhaul work economically, with price considered the most important factor driving enrollment, according to insurance industry surveys…

Which is why every state controlled media outlet is trying to convince us what a bargain Obama-Care will be.

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2 Responses to “HHS: Obama-Care’s Average Monthly Cost – $328”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    I guess what angers and saddens me the most at this point is the utter contempt that is being displayed by both parties for the people of this nation.

    They are clearly acting as if they are our betters and have turned a deaf ear to our grievances. This was most clearly displayed by the words and actions by elected members of both parties in the past few days. I cannot put words here about how I believe such actions should be dealt with for it will most assuredly get me a visit by the authorities.

    To completely ignore 75% of the nation’s population is reminiscent of the actions by the government regarding prohibition, where a select few in the nation caused legislation to occur that lasted eleven years. It is well-documented that members of the government in Washington, DC ignored the law and got their liquor delivered right to the capitol building.

    Can anyone see the parallel between that and the ACA where congress has opted out of it? If the law is so great, as McCain and Reid are telling us, why are they avoiding it so?

    Clearly, as has been said for several years now, this is not about healthcare nor about helping anyone. It is the (latest) statist way to take money from those who earn it and give it away to those who don’t in order to get votes. But for republicans to adopt this practice is beyond the pale since no republican will ever get a single vote for allowing a socialist monstrosity like this to go into effect.

    So, therefore, if they know that, it must be about the control of money as in, since they feel they have lost the argument they never made against ACA, they will now be able to manipulate the money to suit their needs.

    This is pure selfishness on the part of people who were voted into office to do the bidding of the people who got them elected. It is cowardice. It is foolhardiness. It is arrogance.

    People like McCain, seeing the bright, new future of all the money that will come the way of GovCo., would like to just get his hands on some of it. Not all. Just some so he can control his little part of the universe with it by using it to his advantage.

    But these small-minded prigs have no idea what they’re cruising for. If they think they will stay in office much longer they will be very surprised.

    But to be so willingly cooperative with evil is to be evil itself. To simply throw your hands up and say, “It’s the law…nothing we can do” like John the crybaby Boehner, is escapism in its purest form.

    It also speaks volumes for the lack of courage and desire to avoid conflict at all costs. I have noticed over the years that people back away from confrontation, even if they are 100% right and are entitled to either an explanation or some sort of satisfaction. Given that, there is and equal number of people who are more than happy to “win” on that basis alone. In fact, it’s what “customer service” is now based on.

    If you’ve ever called your insurance company and gone from cubicle monkey to cubicle monkey trying to get an answer, you can quickly learn that each said monkey is given a fraction of a percent of responsibility but cannot get you what you need/want. Only by going up successive levels of “supervisors” can you get the right answers.

    This is intentional, because industries know that the customer is unwilling to confront people for FEAR OF LOOKING BAD. Yes, fear of looking bad has invaded our collective psyche and hogtied people into inaction.

    In other words, Boehner is afraid of the derision he will receive by standing up for what’s right. By noting what they said about Ted Cruz, they (McCain, McConnell, Boehner) all said, “No way would I subject myself to that….it’s too demeaning…it’s too embarrassing…I can’t deal with that.”

    To say nothing of the shame the first two put on my own Scots/Irish heritage about the “fighting Irish” or the well-known orneriness of the Scots. Those first two should turn in their family name and adopt a more suitable one such as “Quisling” or “Arnold”. For those two to claim Scots/Irish heritage annoys and angers me.

    No one seems able to stand up for what’s right except Ted Cruz and a few others. The “establishment” DC pukes seem to have no stomach for a fight, out of fear. Fear of losing, fear of argument but mostly, FEAR OF BEING MADE FUN OF.

    And that’s just pathetic.

    As Aaron Tippin sang, “You’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything”. And they don’t and they have. They’ll let this horrid law go into effect in order to save their cushy seats in DC so they can go to all the dinner parties, the fundraisers, the social events and APPEAR to be the important one when their turn comes around.

    There are no great men anymore. None. Save for the likes of Cruz who understands what it means to “do the will of the people” and not the other way around.

    I have said it and said it. Rome, 63AD. A cut-out of power for themselves, and once elected, insulated from any criticism by the very machine they belong to. DC is now inaccessible to the people and the elected types know this and dutifully separate themselves from us. It’s intentional. It’s what they desire. They don’t see the world as you or I do. They see it in a statist, “cool kids’ table” sort of way and it’s disgusting.

    They have shown their true allegiance in the past two weeks and it causes me to vote against them just as soon as I can. They know though that if they are “less socialist” than their opponent in the gerrymandered election process, they will most likely still keep their seats.

    Politics though, as has been said, is a game for fools and suckers. But they do love it so. More than they love the American People.

  2. bousquem25 says:

    I’m already paying over $300 a month for a nearly basic high deductible plan from the state exchange in MA because I don’t qualify at work because I’m classed as part time to get around the insurance mandate. I’m a healthy male in his late 20’s and I’m paying all these premiums for basically no return but to subsidize other idiots in the state and masshealth.

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