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Highlights From Last Week’s Posts On S&L

We thought it might be instructive to post a list of the highlights from the last week of posts:

  • 12: Federal Judges Deny 63% Of Deportations
  • 12: 10 Russian Spies Were Unmasked By Boss
  • 11: AP: Poll Proves Election Not GOP Mandate
  • 11: NYT Subscribers Do Not Realize The Cost
  • 11: Benefits Cut For British Who Refuse Jobs
  • 10: GOP Cuts Would Kill NIH Drug Research!
  • 10: More Fed Workers Now Make Over $150K
  • 10: Obama Says US Must Improve Muslim Ties
  • 10: Employees Scam Holocaust Fund For $42M
  • 09: NYT Cheers Renting To ‘Needy’ Squatters
  • 09: Edmonton Anti ‘White Privilege’ Campaign
  • 09: US Somalis Ran Teen Sex Trade For 10 Yrs
  • 09: 1 In 4 Children Born In NV To Non-Citizens
  • 08: Obama’s Creative Interpretation Of ‘Jihad’
  • 08: Obama Praises Gandhi – Not Capitalism
  • 08: Al Qaeda Put Bombs In Dogs Sent To US
  • 08: Obama Studied Islam Against Mom’s Wish
  • 07: World Will Borrow $10.2 Trillion In 2011
  • We also thought this might make a handy starting point for our weekend discussion salon.

    As usual, this thread is open to other topics of conversation. But please remember to post any specific news items in the ‘Selected News’ section.

    This article was posted by Steve on Saturday, November 13th, 2010. Comments are currently closed.

    3 Responses to “Highlights From Last Week’s Posts On S&L”

    1. tranquil.night says:

      I’m having trouble finding a starting point.

      So much wrong out there and so many egotistical people trying to nuance it.

      How do you get spoiled children to listen to you and abandon “the easy route” (which is actually the hard one)?

      You don’t, you kick their lazy ass out of the house and make them stand on their own feet.

      Little struggle produces alot of growth. I can personally testify for any of this.

      Guess the point is that it’s crunch time. The communists have spat on this nation and now that we’ve dealt them such a devastating political blow, they’re trying to pull the debate back into the margins.

      We just sustained 2 unbridled years of marxist policy onslaught. There’s no more debate, at least on the economic, tax and spending/obamacare fronts. America decided on the 2nd. Now comes the action. Prepare the veto pen.

      I hope the adults in Europe are serious as well. America’s slip in dominance is having serious consequences for the balance of World power. Hopefully a fortunate aspect is that Europe is forced to cut back its socialism. Nevertheless, cool heads need to prevail until we can get the Moron off his throne.

      • proreason says:

        Next week is critical.

        It will be the first clear indication of what the Republicans have decided to do:

        a. Join the Ruling Class, or
        b. Listen to the country

        I believe the next few weeks are among the most critical in the country’s history.

        Yes, Nov 2 was step 1. But step 2 will be just as critical. The danger is so severe that no misteps can be allowed.

    2. U NO HOO says:

      “Next week is critical.

      It will be the first clear indication of what the Republicans have decided to do:

      a. Join the Ruling Class, or
      b. Listen to the country”, or
      c. Do the right thing

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