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“Hill-Raiser” Hsu Arrested In Colorado Hospital

The saga continues.

From Colorado’s Grand Junction Daily Sentinel:

Disgraced Democratic donor arrested in Grand Junction

Friday, September 7, 2007

Democratic fundraiser Norman Hsu was taken into federal custody Thursday night at St. Mary’s Hospital after he fell ill on an Amtrak train passing through Grand Junction.

FBI agents took Yung Yuen “Norman” Hsu, 56, into custody around 7 p.m. at St. Mary’s Hospital FBI, spokesman Joseph Schadler said in a statement.

Hsu had been sought since Wednesday, when he failed to appear in a San Mateo County, Calif., Superior Court.

Hsu was traveling on an Amtrak train when he became ill. Amtrak personnel called an ambulance when the train stopped in Grand Junction.

Grand Junction paramedics were summoned to the Amtrak station near downtown about 11 a.m. Thursday to treat a patient, Battalion Chief Robert Ferguson said.

The patient, whom Ferguson said he found out eight hours later was a fugitive, was not in great pain, Ferguson said.

“There was no extrication needed,” Ferguson said. “He walked out of the train on his own.”

Hsu remained in federal custody at the hospital and was in fair condition late Thursday night, said St. Mary’s nursing supervisor Pete Smarr.

Judge James Ellis freed Hsu on Aug. 31 on $2 million bail and set the Wednesday hearing, which he failed to attend.

Hsu was to turn over his passport and ask the judge to cut in half the $2 million bail he posted last week when he surrendered to law enforcement…

How weird.

But it’s clear Mr. Hsu simply forgot about his court date — again. He’s a busy man. And sick to boot.

Let’s hope they manage to grab his passport this time.

(Thanks to Gila Monster for the heads up.)

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