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Hillary Claims Supreme Court Stole Election

More outrageous remarks from Mrs. Bill Clinton, culled from last night’s Democrat debate, via MSNBC:

Oct. 30 Democratic debate transcript

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania presidential candidate forum at Drexel

Russert: Senator Clinton, I’d like to follow up, because in terms of your experience as first lady, in order to give the American people an opportunity to make a judgment about your experience, would you allow the National Archives to release the documents about your communications with the president, the advice you gave?

Because, as you well know, President Clinton has asked the National Archives not to do anything until 2012.

Clinton: Well, actually, Tim, the Archives is moving as rapidly as the Archives moves. There’s about 20 million pieces of paper there. And they are move, and they are releasing as they do their process. And I am fully in favor of that.

Now, all of the records, as far as I know, about what we did with health care, those are already available. Others are becoming available. And I think that, you know, the Archives will continue to move as rapidly as its circumstances and processes demand.

Russert: But there was a letter written by President Clinton specifically asking that any communication between you and the president not be made available to the public until 2012. Would you lift that ban?

Clinton: Well, that’s not my decision to make, and I don’t believe that any president or first lady ever has. But, certainly, we’re move as quickly as our circumstances and the processes of the National Archives permits.

Russert: Senator Obama, your hand is up?

Obama: Well, look, I’m glad that Hillary took the phrase “turn the page.” It’s a good one, but this is an example of not turning the page. We have just gone through one of the most secretive administrations in our history.

And not releasing, I think, these records at the same time, Hillary, that you’re making the claim that this is the basis for your experience, I think, is a problem…

Russert: Senator Edwards had his hand up. Then I want to give Senator Clinton a chance to respond.

Edwards: … I think, that voters have to ask themselves is: Do you believe that the candidate who’s raised the most money from Washington lobbyists, Democrat or Republican, the candidate who’s raised the most money from the health industry, drug companies, health insurance companies, the candidate who’s raised the most money from the defense industry, Republican or Democrat — and the answer to all of those questions is: That’s Senator Clinton.

Will she be the person who brings about the change in this country? You know, I believe in Santa Claus. I believe in the tooth fairy. But I don’t think that’s going to happen. I really don’t…

Russert: Senator Clinton, please.

Clinton: Well, I think we were making progress in the 1990s and I am very proud of the progress were making until, unfortunately, the Supreme Court handed the presidency to George Bush, and we have been living with the consequences ever since.

I think it is time for us to step up and say we are going to change the way Washington works. I’ve laid out very specific plans about how to do that. I’m going to take $10 billion away from a lot of these industries, starting with money from the HMOs that are getting too much out of Medicare, starting with the no-bid contracts for Halliburton; starting with the defense industry that needs to be pared down and reined in.

I’ve been very clear about that. And I intend to implement that.

You know, change is just a word if you don’t have the strength and experience to actually make it happen.

In a saner age almost any of these comments from or about Hillary would be enough to disqualify her as a serious candidate for any office, let alone the Presidency.

Think about it. Do we really want a President of the United States who believes that the Supreme Court is composed of criminals?

Or a woman who claims to have “the strength and experience” to change the nation and the world, but who can’t lift the ban her husband imposed on her records at their own library?

It is to laugh.

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