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Hillary Allies Meet To Come Up With Benghazi Defense

From the Politico:

Hillary Clinton allies mobilize on Benghazi


An array of Democrats — including Hillary Clinton’s allies — are meeting this week to hammer out a united front on national security issues, including a clear response to Republicans over the Benghazi controversy.

Two years later (Dude!), and they are still trying to get her story straight.

They see an opportunity to wrest control of a narrative that some allies fear could be damaging to Clinton if she moves ahead with a 2016 presidential campaign.

And here we thought they wanted to get to the truth about the death of four Americans. No, they want to seize control of the narrative.

A major milestone in the effort will take place this Friday, when a coalition of Democratic-leaning groups and influentials converges at the headquarters of the centrist think tank Third Way for a briefing that includes top Clinton adviser Philippe Reines…

They are meeting at the headquarters of the Third Way because the Third Way isn’t politically aligned with either party, you see. (Sarcasm.)

Mieke Eoyang [sic], the director of the national security program at Third Way, said in an interview that while Benghazi is a key topic on Friday, it is not the only subject with which the group has been grappling…

They will probably discuss the best way to silence any future bimbo eruptions, as well.

Their involvement in the meeting suggests that some Clinton allies and Democrats are concerned about the stain the Benghazi attacks could leave on the former secretary of state if Republican charges go unanswered…

Maybe Hillary should try answering them. That is, if she is over her concussion.

Some of the people expected to attend the briefing have been communicating over the past few weeks in calls and through an email listserv, with the goal of keeping the broad-based group informed about the news accounts of the [House Select Committee on Benghazi’s] anticipated activities.

A broad group of people are on the listserv, including people who work for groups like Media Matters, former Hillary Clinton foreign policy adviser Andrew Shapiro, former National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor and several current and former Hillary Clinton aides. The universe of invited guests is large, although several people involved in the meeting said many may not attend…

It takes a village to come up with an excuse for gross incompetence and malfeasance.

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2 Responses to “Hillary Allies Meet To Come Up With Benghazi Defense”

  1. untrainable says:

    They’re “…concerned about the stain the Benghazi attacks could leave on the former secretary of state if Republican charges go unanswered…”

    The charges have gone unanswered for more 2 years, and it doesn’t seem to have stained Hitlery yet. What are they afraid of? Just continue to lie, and cover-up, and stonewall, and dismiss “the incident” as a vast right-wing conspiracy. It’s worked so far. Never mind that our freakin’ ambassador is DEAD! Never mind that the administration as a whole has gone out of its way to blame the entire incident on some video that nobody ever saw. Never mind that absolutely nothing has been done to “bring those responsible to justice”. Never mind that the secretary oif state herself asked us what difference it makes. Yeah. Who cares about the truth, when a lie will work even better?

    Just the flip attitude about the death of an AMERICAN AMBASSADOR is sickening beyond belief, but even that apparently hasn’t hurt her after 2 years. So I ask again, what exactly are they afraid of? Any idiot who would vote for Hitlery in 2016 isn’t going to care about this, no matter what comes of the “investigation”. Incompetence is apparently a plus for the left. Just look at Obama.

  2. USSFreedom says:

    Unfortunately, when asking about Benghazi among the LIV you may get a shrug or a question in return such as,
    ” Wasn’t he that Hollywood actor from long time ago, Ben Gazzari or sumpin like dat? But, best response I’ve heard is, ” No but, I knew his sister, went to school wit her, den dey moved, wha happened to to him?

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