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Hillary – The Politics Of Personal Destruction

First, let’s look back a prescient column by Peggy Noonan from a few months ago, via the Wall Street Journal’s Opinion Journal:

What’s Not to Like

The soft side, and the underside, of Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Hillary Clinton doesn’t have to prove she’s a man. She has to prove she’s a woman…

But there is another side of the Clinton campaign, and I found some of it this week. It is a new Web site called HillaryIs44.com. It is rather mysterious. It does not divulge who is running the site, or who staffs it. It is not interactive; it has one informative voice, and its target audience seems to be journalists and free-lance oppo artists.

And it reads like The Warrior’s Id. Hillary “took on” a journalist this week and “beat him into submission.” Bloomberg has “stripped himself of allies” in “New York’s cutthroat politics.” “Expect stormy days ahead for Bloomberg,” who will wind up “lonely.” Republicans “will attempt to rip him to shreds.” “A May surprise announcement will be met with mounds of research accumulated over the next 11 months.”

In tone the site is very Tokyo Rose.

Encouraging readers to send in “confidential tips,” its primary target and obvious obsession is Barack Obama. “Senator Barack Obama (D-Rezko) is busy lately lying about President Bill Clinton” and “attacking entire communities.” “We have written extensively on Obama, and his indicted slumlord friend Antoin ‘Tony’ Rezko. We have repeatedly warned David Axelrod, Michelle Obama and Barack Obama that this story is not going away.” The Obama campaign is “still posing as innocents incapable of doing anything unsavory even as evidence mounts that unsavory is their favorite dish.” “Dirty Obama Smear” and “Obama’s Dirty Mud Politics” are two recent headlines.

This appears to be the subterranean part of Hillary’s campaign, the part that quietly coexists with the warm, chuckling lady playing the jukebox with her husband. It coexists with the Maya Angelou part, the listening tour part, the filmed parts.

It is the war room part. I suspect the site is a back door to that war room.

Politics ain’t beanbag. It is not, generally, an ennobling profession.

But if Mrs. Clinton’s aides want to understand better her likability problem, they should look at this site. It’s dark in there…

This recent and all too typical poison pen article from the pretty in (Pepto-Bismol) pink website Hillary Is 44 would seem to bear out Ms. Noonan’s suspicions:

Obama The Clown

Monday, November 5th, 2007

Someone get Obama a calendar, quick. Halloween skits lampooning the frontrunner candidate lose their bite when performed in November.

Obama’s unfunny skit this past weekend, in the once popular Saturday Night Live numbingly demonstrates the perils of the Hollywood writer’s strike.

To the politically astute viewer, if any still watch SNL as it airs, what was striking was the unmasked truths of the presidential campaign. Obama, narcissistic as ever, appeared as himself – in an Obama mask. Obama simply cannot get enough of himself. Beneath the mask, is a mask. We are now prepared for young master Obama publishing the third autobiographical tome, in this his 46th year, entitled The Audacity Of Dreaming – Travels With Oprah In Hollywood.

The New York Times noted the oddities of Obama’s clownish appearance on the once funny show.

The comedy show portrayed Mrs. Clinton dressed as a bride at a Halloween party, while the actors playing Bill Clinton and some of the other Democratic candidates called her a witch. All the candidates were lampooned except Mr. Obama, extending what some rival campaigns privately complain is a glut of positive news coverage.

The Obama campaign said yesterday that they were allowed to “tweak” the script, but the extent of such tweaks was not clear. A spokesman for the show said Mr. Obama “had as much input as any guest or host would have on the material but it was written by us, not them.” The spokesman said Mr. Obama had declined to do a prepared sketch about the fact that he and Vice President Dick Cheney are cousins.

The funniest line written to date in this presidential cycle must be this comic masterpiece in the New York Times:

The show’s host was Brian Williams, the anchor of the “NBC Nightly News,” and there was considerable preshow discussion about whether his appearance would compromise his journalistic integrity.

Rivers of tears fell from striking Hollywood writers aware that they could never write anything as funny as “journalistic integrity” coupled with Brian Williams of the NBC Team.

As laughter inducing as that line was, the tragical/comical Emmy award for trenchant political observation goes to Bob Somersby (again) for his comments on the unfunny show’s backstory politics:

In the Post, Tom Shales describes another segment from the program:

SHALES (11/5/07): Among the other highlights [sic] of the show were yet another appearance by Poehler, this time as the elfin Dennis Kucinich during a spoof of the recent Democratic debate at Drexel University, which Williams did in fact moderate…

But this “spoof” struck us as odd—and as oddly instructive. In the skit, we saw the male Democratic candidates, before the debate, conspiring together to go after Clinton. But it was odd! Mike Gravel absent from Tuesday’s debate) was suddenly present on SNL—and high-minded Barack Obama was not! Yep! You saw the other candidates conspiring against Clinton—everyone except high-minded Obama! (Even Richardson, who refused to take part in Tuesday’s auto-da-fe, was shown taking part on SNL.) Meanwhile, guess who else was missing from this “spoof?” Of course—Brian Williams himself, the man who (along with Tim Russert) played the lead role in Tuesday’s attacks against Clinton. To state the obvious, what happened last Tuesday could not have occurred if Russert and Williams didn’t direct it. But SNL disappeared Obama from the conspiring—and their own ten-million buck man.

Obama’s Chicago Circus of the Ridiculous was in the center ring on Saturday night.

But wait one moment. In the unfunny, call Hillary a witch skit, once Obama is unmasked, Obama’s lines are “You know, Hillary, I have nothing to hide. I enjoy being myself. I’m not going to change who I am just because it’s Halloween.”

For Obama though, everyday is Halloween. Here is the man “who has nothing to hide.”

• • An Obama spokesman, Ben Labolt, last week declined to say where Obama’s records from his years in the Illinois State Senate are located. There is no law mandating the state to archive the records. The records from Obama’s office — if he kept them — would potentially show appointments with lobbyists, policy memos, meetings, etc.

• • Obama has supported more earmark disclosure to bolster government transparency. Last June, Obama disclosed the earmarks he requested for Illinois and national interests. However, his office, after repeated requests since June, has yet to disclose earmarks Obama sought in 2006, before he was running for president.

• • Obama does list the names of hundreds of bundlers — people committed to raising at least $50,000 for the campaign — on his Web site. He brags about the disclosure on the stump.

But that’s literally all Obama does, list a name. No cities or states, information that is available to his campaign. Some names are well known because the bundlers are celebrities or longtime activists. But it’s a big country, and there are more than one Bob Clark and Lou Cohen. Just listing a name does lip service to meaningful disclosure.

Obama campaign manager David Plouffe, in a memo sent last week after the debate, said Obama is “setting a new standard of openness in campaign fund-raising.” That’s because the bar is very low.

• • Obama’s campaign has refused to identify the biggest bundlers, people who are raising at least $200,000 for him and are given membership in his National Finance Council. Obama, as all major candidates, declines most of the time to disclose details about most fund-raising events.

• • During a town hall meeting last month in Dover, N.H., Obama pledged that he would post all meetings he would hold as president on the Internet. As a senator, Obama has never done that.

• • Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) routinely releases a detailed schedule of his Washington, D.C., meetings — with international leaders, Illinois state and local officials, constituents and lobbyists.

Obama of course has yet to disclose the truth about his absence on the Kyl-Lieberman vote. Obama has not answered Senator Biden’s befuddlement “I wonder why he wasn’t there to vote,” Biden said. “We all knew that this vote was coming up.”

Obama has not answered the Clinton campaign’s question: “If Senator Obama felt so strongly about this resolution, why didn’t he speak out against it or vote against it?”

Early in November, just after Halloween, we posted just a few of the questions Tim Russert could, if he was concerned about journalistic integrity, pose to Obama during Obama’s appearance on the very next Saturday Night Live Meet The Press:

Will Tim Russert ask Obama about the documents the Chicago Sun-Times has been asking for months and months to see?

Will Tim Russert ask Obama about Obama’s gay bashing tour in South Carolina?

Will Tim Russert ask Obama about his ‘attack Pakistan’ speech which led to demonstrations and American flag burnings in Pakistan?

Will Tim Russert ask Obama the $925,000 question?

Will Tim Russert ask Obama about his ties to Alex Giannoulias and the connection to Michael “Jaws” Giordiano?

Will Tim Russert ask Obama about his ties to Antoin “Tony” Rezko?

Will Tim Russert ask Obama about Obama’s failure to vote on key issues (Kyl/Lieberman, MoveOn) in the U.S. Senate, in Illinois?

It’s long past time for Obama to take his ‘uniter’ mask off. He can keep the round, red, clown nose on – it suits him.

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As Ms. Noonan correctly observed, this is not the work of some obsessed Hillary fan. There is simply far too much insider information on display here and elsewhere on that site.

This has the fingerprints of the woman who invented the politics of personal destruction all over it.

This entry was posted on Monday, November 5th, 2007 at 3:23 pm and is filed under Obama, Scum.

Do we really want a woman who is this petty, this vindictive, this duplicitous to be the President of the United States?

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