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Hillary: Bush’s Begging Of OPEC Is Pathetic

From an outraged Associated Press:

Democratic presidential candidate US Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) waves to the crowd with her Middle East advisor personal assistant Huma Abedin (R) at her side after the MSNBC/Nevada Democratic Party Presidential Candidate’s debate in Las Vegas, January 15, 2008.

Bush Hopes OPEC will Raise Production

Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2008


(SHARM EL-SHEIK, Egypt) — Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah told President Bush he was worried about the impact of high oil prices on the world economy, the White House said Wednesday. After their talks, Bush was hopeful that OPEC would authorize an increase in oil production…

Dana Perino, traveling with the president on Air Force One en route to Egypt, offered a brief description of talks that Bush and the king had after dinner Tuesday night at the monarch’s horse farm.

“He (Bush) said that the king said that he understands the situation,” Perino said. “He (the king) is worried about high oil prices and how they can negatively affect economies around the world.

“The president said there’s a hope that as a result of these conversations that OPEC would be encouraged to authorize an increase in production,” Perino said.

She declined to provide more detail, saying they were private conversations.

Bush’s approach was sharply criticized by Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton on Tuesday at the MSNBC Democratic debate in Las Vegas.

President Bush is over in the Gulf now begging the Saudis and others to drop the price of oil. How pathetic,” she said. “We should have an energy policy right now putting people to work in green-collar jobs as a way to stave off the recession, moving us towards energy independence.”

Bush on Tuesday had promised to talk with the king about soaring oil prices and to underscore that they were threatening the U.S. economy and hurting American families. In recent weeks oil prices have topped $100 a barrel, three times what they were when Bush took office.

Bush acknowledged on Tuesday that many producers already are working at maximum capacity and that demand for oil has outstripped supply, partially because of rising purchases by India and China.

Moreover, Saudi Arabia’s oil minister, Ali Naimi, said on Tuesday that the kingdom would raise production levels only when the market justifies it and that today’s inventory seemed normal.

Describing the talks Wednesday, Perino said Bush brought up the subject of high gas prices with the king…

How confusing. Don’t the Democrats constantly complain that we don’t use diplomacy enough?

And never mind that Mrs. Bill Clinton and the rest of the left have done all they can to keep us from gaining any so-called “energy dependence.”

Putting people to work in green collar [sic] jobs will solve everything.

What a laff.

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