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Hillary Camp Admits To ‘Darkening’ Obama


p>The conspiracy theorists at the execrable Daily Kos site are now claiming that Mrs. Clinton has been drawing too much of a contrast with Mr. Obama — even to the point of “darkening him up” in her latest campaign ad.

Judge for yourself:

They are even comparing this tactic to Time Magazine’s cruel treatment of the murderer OJ Simpson:

However, I suspect it is more likely just the result of the vagaries of YouTube.

But of course with the Clintons anything is possible.


It turns out that even I slightly underestimated the Clintonistas.

The latest on this privotal controversy, from Fox News:

Questions Raised Whether Hillary Ad Darkened Obama

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A controversial new Hillary Clinton attack ad is causing an Internet stir among critics who claim it deliberately darkens Barack Obama’s skin color.

A posting on the liberal site DailyKos.com shows side-by-side screen grabs of Barack Obama taken during a debate with Clinton in Cleveland last week. The screen grab used in the Clinton ad shows a clearly darker-skinned Obama, prompting some to wonder if it was done to highlight his race.

Despite the strong similarities between the ad on the DailyKos site and the original ad on Clinton’s Web site, Clinton spokesman Jay Carson said he spoke with the campaign’s chief ad maker, Mandy Grunwald, who said emphatically the ad on DailyKos “was not their ad.”

“We don’t know what is up there, but it is not our ad,” Carson said.

However, he said that Obama’s image was darkened, as part of a “saturation-desaturation” process typical in commercial production and sent in an example of a Clinton ad featuring the candidate and the original footage of Clinton delivering the campaign speech used in the ad. He said both candidates have done it in their ads, and that there was no ulterior motive behind doing so in the campaign’s most recent ad.

One posting on the DailyKos site, though, charged that while darkening footage may be considered standard practice for political ads trying to “cast the target as sinister,” it is “not an acceptable excuse.”

“Even if you accept that as normal practice, it’s still a dirty one, and it takes on a more charged meaning when you’re using it to attack someone in your own party who’s already fighting against a lot of racism in the false Muslim smears,” the posting said. “This is, at best, the worst of politics as usual.” …

So the Hillary camp admits it has darkened the footage (everybody does it), but then go on to say that what the Daily Kos people are citing is not their ad?

Well, it seems to be a distinction without a difference, since Mr. Obama has (admittedly) been darkened in the ad they show on the Hillary campaign website:

Apparently the Clinton people feel obligated to lie even when they have been forced to admit the truth.

How typical.

[Note: I had originally posted this on an earlier thread, but with the Clinton camp admission it seemed to warrant its own.]

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