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Hillary Tried To Plant Questions Back In April

From Fox News:

Hillary Clinton at a barbecue in Ford Madison, Iowa.

Clinton Campaign Accused for the Second Time of Planting a Question at a Public Appearance

Saturday, November 10, 2007
By Major Garrett

SIOUX CITY, Iowa — For the second time in as many days, Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign has had to deal with accusations of planting questions during public appearances.

In a telephone interview Saturday with Fox News, Geoffrey Mitchell, 32, said he was approached by Clinton campaign worker Chris Hayler to ask a question about how she was standing up to President Bush on the question on funding the Iraq war and a troop withdrawal timeline.

The encounter happened before an event hosted by Iowa State Sen. Gene Frais on a farm outside Fort Madison, Iowa.

Clinton’s Iowa campaign confirmed to Fox News that one of its staff discussed questions with Mitchell before her April 2 event, but denied attempting to plant a pro-Clinton question.

Mo Elliethee, spokesman for Senator Clinton, told Fox that Clinton staffer Chris Hayler talked with Mitchell before the event because the two knew each other from previous Democratic activities…

“They had a previous relationship and were talking before the event and the topic of the senator’s position on Iraq came up and Geoffrey said he had some questions,” Elliethee said. “Chris suggested Geoffrey ask a question.”

Mitchell told Fox the Clinton campaign wanted to contrast Clinton to Sen. Barack Obama who had recently said the president would probably prevail in the Iraq funding battle with Congress.

Mitchell said he refused to ask the question.

“I told Chris I had other issues I wanted to raise with Sen. Clinton,” Mitchell said.

Asked what those were, Mitchell said, “I wanted to ask her why she voted for the Iraq war and why she didn’t consider that a mistake.”

Mitchell told Fox News, for that Hayler, the Clinton campaign worker, was unhappy and moved on to others.

“I know he tried to have others ask that question,” Mitchell said.

Asked if the Clinton campaign denied Mitchell’s unequivocal assertion that Hayler tried to plant a question about Clinton trying to stand up to Bush on Iraq war funding, Elliethee declined.

“I’m not going to comment on what he said,” said Elleithee said, referring to Mitchell. “I’m going to discuss what our interpretation is. They had a previous relationship, the subject came up and there’s nothing more to it than that. It’s not newsworthy. It’s innocent. It’s not yesterday.” …

Mitchell is a minister in Hamilton and said he was reluctant to come forward because of the scrutiny he and his congregation might receive.

“But I thought this was important to get out and I want people to know what happened.” …

How hilarious.

Hillary can’t even plant questions at her rallies without screwing up, and yet she is qualified to run the country.

Sure she is.

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