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Hillary: “Campaign Is Just Hitting Its Stride”

From the eternally hopeful New York Times:

As Four States Vote, Clinton Talks About a Long Battle


March 4, 2008

As voters in Ohio, Rhode Island, Vermont and Texas headed to the polls potentially to decide the Democratic nomination for the presidency, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton on Tuesday urged voters to settle in for a nomination fight that could roll on for months to come.

“You know this is a long process,” Mrs. Clinton told reporters Tuesday morning outside a polling place in Houston.

It was an entirely different message from the one delivered by former President Bill Clinton just a few weeks ago, when he told Ohio and Texas voters that his wife would not succeed without victories in those delegate-rich states…

While the Mrs. Clinton projected determination to soldier on, the Obama campaign issued reminders of Mr. Clinton’s earlier statements saying that Mrs. Clinton needed to win Texas and Ohio.

“Three weeks ago, when they led polls in Texas and Ohio by 20 points, the Clinton campaign set their own test for today’s primaries,” Bill Burton, a spokesman, said in an e-mail statement. He set expectations for his candidate’s performance fairly low, saying Mr. Obama will maintain his delegate lead. But behind the scenes, leading supporters of Senator Barack Obama were working to persuade Democrats, particularly the superdelegates who could decide the nomination, to step forward and coalesce behind him as soon as Wednesday…

Her campaign “is just hitting its stride,” Mrs. Clinton said, even though she has been running for well over a year, in a race that has gone on longer than anyone expected.

We’re just beginning to draw those contrasts and those differences and that’s when voters start to zero in,” she said, expressing optimism despite 11 straight losses to Mr. Obama in recent contests.

On a conference call with reporters, representatives from her campaign played up upcoming contests particularly Pennsylvania’s April 22 primary, where Mrs. Clinton is the early favorite…

Please, Allah, no. Let her “cash out” now.

We’re just beginning to draw those contrasts…

It turns out there may be some truth in this.

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