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Hillary: 2004 Election Was Stolen In Ohio

Mrs. Bill Clinton’s remarks to the notorious vote riggers of ACORN, via one of her many websites:

Remarks of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton at ACORN’s 2006 National Convention

July 10, 2006

That was so nice, oh, thank you all, thank you. Good Morning ACORN.

My goodness, this place is filled. All of you coming together on behalf of a progressive agenda for our country; and I came first and foremost to say thank you. You know, I am one of those who remembers the beginnings of ACORN in Arkansas all of those years ago. The headquarters for ACORN was near the Governor’s mansion. And I started a group called Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families and we worked on a lot of important issues and I noticed just the other day that the minimum wage was raised in Arkansas thanks to ACORN and the Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families…

Now there’s so many important issues that we’ve got to tackle in our country, isn’t there? But the only way we can do that is if we get people in government who will actually listen. So I want to add another item to your agenda which I know you’re already working on across the country – let’s make sure that we count every vote in our elections from now until we finally get people elected who represent the will and interests of the American people. I have legislation called just that, Count Every Vote Act. My good friend Stephanie Tubbs Jones whose going to be with you at the minimum wage rally. She and I held a hearing in Cleveland last year. It would have broken your heart. People were lined up to tell us how they showed up to vote and they had to wait hours. No machines. You know, you could drive down the road however and there were plenty of machines. It depended on who lived where and what their potential voting patterns were. That is not America. I don’t care whether you’re a Republican, a Democrat, an Independent or hate politics, this country deserves to have an electoral system that has integrity, that has the trust of the people, whose results we can believe in.

And I know that’s been a problems here in Ohio. And I hope that everybody in Ohio, you watch this election like a hawk. Don’t let them pull anything over your eyes again. I mean, I find it amazing that one of the people running for high office is actually running the elections. That should not be permitted, that is a conflict of interest. You know, it used to be we would look at other countries and we’d say, oh gosh they can’t run an election. Well wow, they’re putting us to shame a lot of other countries are. We’ve got to take back our democracy. You know our democracy doesn’t belong to any one political party. It doesn’t belong to people who are already are privileged or powerful, it belongs to everyone. And we’ve got to reassert that now. And the only way we can is by electing people who believe as we believe that America’s values are worth standing up for, America’s ideals are worth standing there and fighting for. And we have to begin in this November electing people to Congress and state offices who will listen to the people and will begin to get America back on track so that we can make the right decisions going forward. We’re going to need your help in these elections in November, because unless we take back one or both houses of Congress, we will not be able to stop the agenda of the right wing Republicans, the Bush Republicans, in Washington…

Funny, the article fails to note that the Presidency and both Houses of Congress were in the hands of the Democrats.

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