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Hillary: Critics Aren’t ‘In Evidence Based World’

From the Associated Press:

AP Interview: Clinton raps Benghazi critics

By MATTHEW LEE | February 1, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is leaving office with a slap at critics of the Obama administration’s handling of the September attack on a U.S. diplomatic mission in Libya. She told The Associated Press that critics of the administration’s handling of the attack don’t live in an "evidence-based world" and their refusal to "accept the facts" is unfortunate and regrettable for the political system.

This from Hillary? The same woman who blamed the attacks on a video, despite all evidence at the time being completely to the contrary?

In her last one-on-one interview before she steps down on Friday, Clinton told the AP that the attack in Benghazi was the low point of her time as America’s top diplomat…

What were the high points? Her reset with Russia? Fast and furious? Her overthrowing our ally Mubarak for the Muslim Brotherhood? Her overthrowing our ally Gadhafi? Her giving arms to Libyan terrorists who probably used them to kill four Americans in Benghazi?

But she suggested that the furor over the assault would not affect whether she runs for president in 2016.

What a relief!

Clinton spoke to the AP Thursday in her outer office on the seventh floor of the State Department less than 24 hours before she walks out for a final time as boss. She was relaxed but clearly perturbed by allegations from Republican lawmakers and commentators that the administration had intentionally misled the public about whether the attack was a protest gone awry or a terrorist attack, or intentionally withheld additional security for diplomatic personnel in Libya knowing that an attack could happen…

If these things were intentional, then she must be incredibly incompetent.

"I was so unhappy with the way that some people refused to accept the facts, refused to accept the findings of an independent Accountability Review Board, politicized everything about this terrible attack," she said…

Who politicized the Benghazi attack more than Hillary and Obama? They lied about who was behind it in order to get past the elections. They didn’t want the fact that Al Qaeda had just make the most damaging attack on the US since 9/11 to come out, since Obama had campaigned on having destroyed Al Qaeda.

But the AP does not mention any of that.

In the interview, Clinton had little patience for such allegations.

"There are some people in politics and in the press who can’t be confused by the facts," she said. "They just will not live in an evidence-based world. And that’s regrettable. It’s regrettable for our political system and for the people who serve our government in very dangerous, difficult circumstances."

At the same time, Clinton said she refused to be "discouraged by the fact that they are never going to accept the facts and the limitations of the facts." She added that "you have to get up every day and work to do best you can and communicate that to the vast majority of fair-minded Americans whether they’re in Congress, in the press or in the public." …

What a despicable liar Mrs. Clinton is, and has always been. (Cf. cattle futures, Whitewater, Rose law firm records, FBI files, Chelsea and 9/11, Bosnian sniper fire, solving Northern Ireland, her financial filings to Congress… And dozens more we are undoubtedly forgetting.)

Because of that, she said, the partisan divide should not dissuade anyone with a cause from getting involved in politics and she hinted strongly that a divisive atmosphere would not stop her in any future endeavor. "You have to have a thick skin because (politics) is just going to be a contact sport as far as we can look into the future."

This from the woman who practically invented the politics of personal destruction. (Just ask Ken Starr.) An art she learned at the knee of her hero, Saul Alinsky.

Clinton is no stranger to partisan politics. As first lady, she railed in 1998 against a "vast right-wing conspiracy" that she asserted had been attacking her husband, Bill Clinton, ever since he had become president…

And never mind that this too was a laughable lie. Which is another detail that the AP conveniently forgets.

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5 Responses to “Hillary: Critics Aren’t ‘In Evidence Based World’”

  1. River0 says:

    Lying and being in the company of epic liars and politicians is clearly hazardous to one’s mental health. She, her husband, and all Demonicrats and RINOs are running the biggest con and Ponzi Scheme ever conceived since Karl Marx. Bill is ‘Father of the Year’, a great former president, a champion of women’s rights and dignity; while Hillary is stupendous, according to ZeroBama.

    The real culprit here is events and world markets. These people have escaped the consequences for their actions only by dumb luck. Events haven’t caught up with opportunities. World markets are celebrating our suicidal economic policies – and their own; terrorists have failed so far to take full advantage of our lapses, and our fellow citizens can’t perceive reality.

    A Day of Awakening is coming, and it will fall like a hammer on all of us.

  2. USSFreedom says:

    The attached photo of her giving the Seig Heil salute of the National Socialist Party says more than anything her critics could possibly come up with to portray her true position in their minds or in fact based reality.
    Liar, cheat and traitor are only a few of the nicer things we say of her. The Hail Victory gesture is dedicated to, she made it out of the Congressional hearings and still has many supporters. I just wish it meant GOODBYE FOREVER.

  3. Astravogel says:

    Poor old woman needs a rest, catch up on her housework.

  4. canary says:

    Obama is making Lahood US Secretary of the Dept of Transportation leave his position.

    Senators have been bringing up his son being held hostage in the New Egypt that Obama wants to give F-16 war planes too.

    They keep asking why would we give Egypt war planes after they held and banned son Lahood and other Americans who had only gone there to give them American money to bounce back from the Arab Spring offense.

    So, that what appears to be a raise from 190,000 to 200,000 might be an issue of being taxed to death.

    Maybe the failure of billions and billions of dollars on high-speed trains that weren’t built.

    But, Lahood is most proud of teaching Americans about “drivers fatigue”

    A good part time job would be traveling with Obama and helping his drivers deal with fatigue.
    A drivers fatigue czar to keep them awake and healthy.

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