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Hillary Does/Doesn’t Want To Attack Obama

Which paper do you read?

First, we have this from Hillary’s diehard fans at Reuters:

Clinton seeks to smooth relations with Obama

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Former President Bill Clinton said he might have gone too far in attacking Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton said on Friday, adding that both Democratic presidential campaigns should focus on issues.

He said several times yesterday that maybe he got a little bit carried away,” Hillary Clinton said on CBS’ “Early Show.”

So we’re all going to, on both sides I think, you know, try to bring this debate and this campaign back to the issues that are important,” said the New York senator, who would be the first woman U.S. president…

Hillary Clinton, on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” said her husband “obviously is a passionate advocate for my cause, as are the wives of my two major opponents. But I think all of us just need to take a deep breath here because we know we’ll have a united Democratic Party once this nomination is determined.” …

Meanwhile, we have this seemingly contradictory report from her equally solicitous fans at the Associated Press:

Clinton says she must counterattack

WASHINGTON – Hillary Rodham Clinton said Friday she must respond in kind to attacks from rival Barack Obama even though she’d rather keep the race for the Democratic presidential nomination focused on their differences on public policy issues.

I try not to attack first, but I have to defend myself — I do have to counterpunch,” Clinton told NBC’s “Today Show.”

“I took a lot of incoming fire for many, many months and I was happy to absorb it because obviously, you know, I felt that was part of my responsibility. But toward the end of a campaign you have to set the record straight,” the New York senator said…

“I have tried to make it clear that this election has to be about the future,” Clinton said. “It is perfectly legitimate to draw comparisons and contrasts. I think both Senator Obama and I have made it clear we do want to focus on what we each would do for our country. It has been obviously an incredibly intense campaign. … But I do want to make it clear that our campaigns have to stay focused on what you know the legitimate differences are so we can give voters information.” …

It’s kind of pathetic, isn’t it?

Hillary’s campaign has gotten so confused that her minions in the media aren’t even clear on today’s talking points.

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