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Hillary Finally Pays Off Her 2008 Campaign Debt

From the Politico:

Clinton 2008 now debt-free

By TARINI PARTI | January 22, 2013

More than four years after Hillary Clinton lost the Democratic nomination for president, Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign is finally debt-free, new reports filed by the campaign show.

What timing, huh? Apparently, Mrs. Clinton wanted the last check from the Obama campaign administration to clear before she would ‘testify’ on Benghazi.

Clinton’s campaign committee paid off about $25 million in debt and now has a surplus of $204,832. The campaign retired its debt just as Clinton is preparing to step down from her job as secretary of state…

The campaign raised more than $233,000 in the last three months of 2012. Of that, more than $62,000 came from renting out the campaign’s list to Obama for America.

And from renting out her husband, Bill, to the Obama campaign.

Former President Bill Clinton, known for his fundraising abilities, has been helping the campaign raise money on behalf of his wife.

Which, of course, is almost certainly illegal. At least in the spirit of our campaign laws, if not the letter.

Still, why did this take so long? Don’t Bill and Hillary constantly remind us how rich they are? Why couldn’t they pay off this debt out of their own pocket?

(We’re kidding, of course. No self-respecting Democrat ever pays their own way. Especially, a Clinton.)

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One Response to “Hillary Finally Pays Off Her 2008 Campaign Debt”

  1. mr_bill says:

    If I run for president and lose, can I spend the rest of my life “fundraising?” What is Shrillary going to do with the $200k surplus in her campaign coffers?

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