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$100K Donation Bought Hillary Earmarks

From of all places, the New York Times:

A Donor’s Gift Soon Followed Clinton’s Help

January 4, 2008


WASHINGTON — An upstate New York developer donated $100,000 to former President Bill Clinton’s foundation in November 2004, around the same time that Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton helped secure millions of dollars in federal assistance for the businessman’s mall project.

Mrs. Clinton helped enact legislation allowing the developer, Robert J. Congel, to use tax-exempt bonds to help finance the construction of the Destiny USA entertainment and shopping complex, an expansion of the Carousel Center in Syracuse.

Mrs. Clinton also helped secure a provision in a highway bill that set aside $5 million for Destiny USA roadway construction.

The bill with the tax-free bonds provision became law in October 2004, weeks before the donation, and the highway bill with the set-aside became law in August 2005, about nine months after the donation…

A Destiny USA spokesman said Mr. Congel made a $100,000 donation in November 2004…

Mr. Congel had been a prime force behind Congress’s passage of tax-exempt “green bonds,” a program to lower the financing costs of some $2 billion in environmentally friendly projects by exempting lenders from paying federal taxes on their income from the private bonds. By some estimates, the program could cost the Treasury about $200 million.

The way the legislation was written, Mr. Congel’s Syracuse development, which he agreed to build and run in a way that promotes renewable energy and recycling, was one of just a handful of projects that would qualify…

In April 2006, she took partial credit for enacting the program in an interview with The Post-Standard of Syracuse.

“I’ve been a big supporter of Destiny,” Mrs. Clinton told the newspaper. “I worked successfully to get the green bonds passed. I think it would be a big shot in the arm. It would be a destination site for the area.”

And in July 2005, when the highway bill cleared the Senate, Mrs. Clinton’s office put out a news release announcing the “$5 million that Senators Schumer and Clinton secured” for Destiny-related “design, research, construction and improvements.”

Mr. Congel has also given campaign donations to Mrs. Clinton and other New York Democrats, including Mr. Schumer.

According to the Federal Election Commission Web site, Mr. Congel gave $2,000 to Mrs. Clinton’s campaign in October 1999 and gave her political action committee a total of $12,500 from March 2002 to January 2005. He has continued to donate to Mrs. Clinton’s campaigns in the years since the two bills helping Destiny USA passed.

Mr. Congel’s campaign contributions to Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Schumer were the subject of news media reports around the time that the “green bonds” measure passed. But his $100,000 donation to Mr. Clinton’s foundation in November 2004 was not known at the time…

The Destiny USA project has attracted criticism. Stephanie Miner, a member of the Syracuse City Council, called it a “boondoggle” that won tax breaks with dubious economic and environmental promises…

This is pretty shocking stuff.

Not that the Clintons are involved in their own ‘pay to play’ shakedown schemes.

Or that they would use a phony “environmental” project as a cover for their kickback schemes.

No, the shock is that the New York Times would deign to notice, let alone report it.

This coupled with their earlier piece on Charlie Rangel’s very similar shakedown operation make us wonder if things aren’t getting so desperate at The Times that they are resorting to reporting the news.

(Just kidding, of course.)

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4 Responses to “$100K Donation Bought Hillary Earmarks”

  1. Confucius says:

    Why, let’s ask PEBO what He thinks of His new Secretary-of-State. Will He condemn her too? Or will He vote “present”?

  2. WhySoSerious says:

    Will the New York Slimes now report real news on the weekend while doing their usual hatchet jobs and BS during the week? I guess they want weekends to sit back and relax. After all, Obambi was elected. No need to work so hard now.

  3. Liberals Demise says:

    Sounds like Pay To Play is very lucrative and our highly paid officals CAN be bought and PAID FOR!! If these were Republicans they’d be out of office but seeing they are Democraps
    MSM won’t cry or wimper at all. Not all dogs are man best friend……it seems our watchdogs suck!!

  4. proreason says:

    And in totally unrelated news, every member of congress is wealthy beyond your dreams.

    They are teaching Americans how to save and invest, even on annual salaries of less than $200K in one of the most expensive cities on the planet.

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