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Hillary Gets Women’s History Wrong – Again

From the Hillary campaign, via YouTube:

“… [T]onight I’m thinking about Florence Steen from South Dakota, 88 years old and in failing health when she asked that her daughter bring an absentee ballot to her hospice bedside. Florence was born before women had the right to vote, and she was determined to exercise that right, to cast a ballot for her candidate who just happened to be a woman running for president. Florence passed on a few days ago, but I am eternally grateful to her and her family for making this such an important and incredible milestone in her life that means so much to me…”

The Hillary campaign had earlier made this same claim in their Mother’s Day press release:

“The Vote of a Lifetime” “To [Florence Steen], a woman born seven months before her gender won the right to vote in August 1920, seeing Clinton’s name on a presidential ballot and marking her vote nearby was a dream realized… ‘She was very alert, very serious in studying the ballot,’ [her daughter, Kathy] Kraus said. ‘And when she marked it, she just kept circling and circling that mark with her pencil.’”

But in actual fact, South Dakota granted women the right to vote in 1918, two years before Mrs. Steen was born:

Of course Mrs. Clinton has never let the facts get in the way of a good story. (Cf. her Bosnia snipers, her China speech, her name, her attempt to join the Marines…)

But this is not the first time that our preeminent feminist has gotten the facts wrong about the history of women’s suffrage in this country.

As we noted back in April, Hillary was similarly wrong about when women got the vote Montana (in 1914) — when she was similarly pandering in that state.

Moreover, as Christ Wilson at Slate has noted, Mrs. Clinton was also wrong about dead people having the right to vote in South Dakota. They don’t.

Maybe she was thinking of Chicago, where of course it is a common practice, whether it is legal or not.

Does the smartest woman in the world ever get anything right?

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