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Hillary Gave Rove “Indictment” Standing O

And probably had one herself.

From the obscure cable channel, MSNBC:

A final word from Karl Rove?

Bush strategist addresses conservative think tank as Democrats see demise

By Tom Curry
National affairs writer
May 15, 2006

WASHINGTON – Some Democrats have already celebrated the downfall of Karl Rove.

At a Michigan Trial Lawyers’ Association dinner Saturday night in Dearborn, Mich., the group’s vice president Robert Raitt announced — according to the Detroit Free Press — that President Bush’s longtime strategist had just been indicted. The announcement reportedly prompted a standing ovation by the crowd of 700, which included Sen. Hillary Clinton.

Strange then that a relaxed-looking Rove – not indicted, not out on bail, and wearing a business suit, not orange prison garb — was in person at the right-wing think tank, American Enterprise Institute Monday morning.

Rove was, as usual, nerdy in his use of statistics, and was chummy and flattering with the reporters present — just like in 2000 when Bush was first running for president. At one point in the question-and-answer session Rove told National Public Radio’s Mara Liasson, “I love watching you on television.”

If Rove is indicted soon, as some Democrats hope and expect, then this may have been Rove’s valedictory message and the essence of it was: things are better than you, especially you in the mainstream news media, think…

Better luck next time, Ms. Rodham!

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