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Hillary: I Will Be A ‘Model Of Behavior’ For All Americans

Talk about chutzpah — or tone deafness. But this is from the woman who managed Bill’s bimbo eruptions by smearing the women Bill sexually abused as ‘nuts and sluts.’

From The Blaze:

Hillary Clinton Pledges to Be a ‘Model of the Kind of Behavior’ All Americans Should Have

By Fred Lucas | August 11, 2015

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said she would be a model for behavior in America if elected. Clinton made the comment at a Claremont, New Hampshire, town hall in response to a question about what the audience member called the “strong undercurrent of hatred in America.”

“As president, I would do my very best to model the kind of behavior that I would hope all our citizens would have,” Clinton said.

Was that a dig at non-citizens? Isn’t it now bigotry to distinguish between citizens and non-citizens?

“I’m not asking people to like everybody. I’m asking people to be respectful. I’m asking people to be kinder toward each other.”

This from the woman who just attacked Jeb Bush for his innocent remarks about Planned Parenthood. This from the woman who said that not only Trump, but all of the Republican candidates are waging a war on women.

Clinton specifically cited the Internet as a vehicle for the “level of vitriol and insult” in America. “I just see this because, occasionally, I’m the subject of it,” Clinton said. “No one is immune from it. Part of what we have to do is make it unacceptable.”

In other words, Hillary wants to put an end to any criticism of herself on the internet. After all, lest we forget, she has always dreamt of there being an internet gatekeeper.

“The feelings that come out over the Internet, you would never say that to someone standing in front of you,” she later added. “Then why would you say that on the Internet? Why would you engage in racism or homophobia or sexism or any of the other behaviors so prevalent on the Internet?”

She said that Internet bullying could be harmful, particularly for young people. “It used to be that people would be careful about what they said. Now it’s almost like people feel a need to lash out,” Clinton said.

So sayeth the woman whose paid attack dogs called the women Bill Clinton sexually abused ‘trailer trash’ and ‘nuts and sluts.’

She said the solution is more positive speech. “We live in a country with a Constitution and a First Amendment, so we are much more open to speech, as we should be,” Clinton said. “That means there should be more positive speech to kind of drown out and undermine the affects of the negative speech.”

You first.

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One Response to “Hillary: I Will Be A ‘Model Of Behavior’ For All Americans”

  1. mr_bill says:

    Imagine for a second, the sight of an entire nation of 315,000,000 people all acting like shrillary clinton, even for one day.

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