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Hillary Aide Compares Obama to Ken Starr

From the Politico:

Clinton aide compares Obama to Ken Starr

March 06, 2008

Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson, taking the campaign a bit meta [sic] on a conference call today, attacked Obama for attacking Clinton, and compared him to a notorious Clinton foe.

“When Senator Obama was confronted with questions over whether he was ready to be Commander-in-Chief and steward of the economy, he chose not to address those questions, but to attack Senator Clinton,” Wolfson said. “I for one do not believe that imitating Ken Starr is the way to win a Democratic primary election for president.”

Wolfson was attacking Obama’s explicit strategy, in the wake of his March 4 losses, to attack elements of Clinton’s record on the grounds of secrecy, and to revisit the questions raised by Clinton foes in the 1990s and earlier.

Obama has demanded Clinton’s tax returns, cited delays in releasing her White House schedules, and even made reference to trades in cattle futures in the late 1970s that became a subject of allegations during the White House years…

What is truly disgusting about the Clintonistas is that they think they are smearing someone by comparing him to the deeply honorable Ken Starr.

There are no words to properly describe just how despicable these people are.

And Mr. Smith is pretty reprehensible himself to characterize Mr. Starr as “notorious.”

The only thing Mr. Starr should be notorious for, is for the way he bent over backwards to be more than fair to Mr. Clinton.

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