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Latest Hillary Ad: “I Will Bring Your Voice”

The latest advertisement from the Hillary campaign via YouTube:


“In this troubled economy…
“How can so many millions of people…simply not be heard?
“Well, I hear you.
“You’re asking for healthcare that covers everyone.
“Protection from losing your home
“You would like to fill your tank without draining your wallet
“And give your kids the future they deserve
“If I am your president, I will bring more than 35 years of experience to the White House.

“I will bring your voice.”

Is she trying to hypnotize the voters? (And is she sure she is not hearing Eleanor Roosevelt?)

Does Mrs. Clinton really believe that she speaks for all or even the majority of Americans?

And can anyone really be stupid enough to believe that even as President she would have the power to improve these things, let alone the ability?

But sure, the nearly $900 billion dollars a year cost for additional programs she has already promised will do wonders for the economy.

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