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Hillary Opposes EU Carbon Tax On US Airlines

From the Agence France-Presse:

EU court rejects challenge to airline emissions charges

By Roddy Thomson
December 21, 2011

Europe’s top court on Wednesday threw out a US-led challenge to new charges for carbon emissions across EU airspace, opening up fears of a possible trade war which could also draw in China.

North American airlines had challenged a European Union decision to include as of January 1 all carriers in a carbon trading system targeting heavy polluting industries as part of the EU’s efforts against climate change.

Apparently, the European economy isn’t in enough trouble. They need to borrow some more with made up problems.

Either that, or the European leaders need to supplement their graft stream.

US carriers had argued that the decision was discriminatory and amounted to a backdoor tax.

But the European Court of Justice ruled that the EU’s approach was "valid," and that it "infringes neither the principles of customary international law at issue nor the Open Skies Agreement" covering trans-Atlantic flights.

Despite a clear threat of reprisals issued by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Luxembourg-based judges said that non-EU airlines could "choose" whether to make commercial flights to and from EU airports

In a letter to EU officials dated December 16, [Hillary] Clinton listed 43 nations from Argentina to Russia to Venezuela also opposed to the EU move. "Halt or, at a minimum, delay or suspend application of this directive," she wrote. "Re-engage with the rest of the world.

"The United States stands ready to engage in such an effort. Absent such willingness on the part of the EU, we will be compelled to take appropriate action."

Hilarious. We are really supposed to believe that Hillary Clinton and Obama are going to go to the mat to fight against this carbon tax?

When you know that they are trying to figure out how to implement their own emission taxes and carbon credit scams, right here at home.

In reality, Hillary is only angry that this money is going to go to the EU instead of the US government, which would allow the Democrat Party to buy more votes.

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One Response to “Hillary Opposes EU Carbon Tax On US Airlines”

  1. canary says:

    If Mitt wins he’ll pay it.

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