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Hillary Says Crying Was Turning Point In NH

From the weepy-eyed folks at the UK’s Guardian:

Hillary Clinton

Clinton reveals turning point in race for White House

Simon Jeffery, Ewen MacAskill, Suzanne Goldenberg in New Hampshire
Wednesday January 9, 2008

Hillary Clinton revealed today the turning point which helped to resurrect her presidential campaign and stall the seemingly unstoppable bandwagon of her rival Barack Obama.

She described the incident in a New Hampshire diner when she almost broke into tears as a “wonderful moment” that allowed voters to “get a sense of why I do what I do”.

The former first lady scored a stunning victory in the important primary election, confounding both the pollsters and insiders on her campaign team…

In a series of interviews on the early morning US news shows, Clinton said she believed her display of emotion had been a factor in the turnaround that reversed a double-digit deficit in opinion polls.

The clip, which was shown repeatedly on television, aired a rare vulnerability.

“I’m really glad I had a chance to say what I believe in my heart,” she told CNN. “People realised the reason I do this is I love this country so profoundly. When the cameras turn off and the speeches are done, what have we actually done to improve people’s lives.” …

The significance of the victory was reflected last night in an unusually emotional speech from the normally self-contained candidate

“I come tonight with a very full heart. I want especially to thank New Hampshire. Over the last week I listened to you and found my own voice,” she said.

The decisive moment for Clinton appeared to be an encounter in a diner on Monday, in which she came close to tears when talking about the campaign…

“This is a huge victory for Hillary. We have stopped the freight train,” a Clinton insider said…

So busting into tears if what Hillary calls “finally finding her voice” after 35 years in the public eye. What a feminist hero she is.

God help us if this is how elections are to be decided from now on.

Of course all of this is more likely just a cover-up of the actual reason for the amazing turnaround — the massive bussing in of Hillary minions and ballot stuffing that undoubtedly went on up there.

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