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Hillary Says Delegates Could Switch Votes

From Pennsylvania’s WGAL-TV:

Clinton Says Committed Obama Delegates Could Switch Votes

March 11, 2008

HARRISBURG, Pa. — In a tightly contested Democratic race that could come down to the wire, Sen. Hillary Clinton said that she thinks it’s possible that some committed Sen. Barack Obama delegates might switch their votes to her.

Clinton made the remarks during an interview with News 8’s Anne Shannon during a campaign stop in Harrisburg. Clinton was referring to delegates from states that have already been “decided” not super delegates, who are regularly courted for their individual support.

“It is a possibility. Different states have different rules about whether or not a caucus or a primary delegate are obligated and for how long,” Clinton said.

The following exchange then took place between Shannon and Clinton:

      Shannon: “So you think it’s possible that some states that have already been decided, so to speak, once they sit back and look at what’s best for the country, they may indeed get to the convention and instead cast their vote for Sen. Hillary Clinton?”

      Clinton: “Well that certainly is possible under the rules for a lot of states. Some states, you’re obligated for the first ballot and after that you are free. We haven’t had this for quite awhile so it’s sort of new and people are a little bit curious about it. But that used to be the common way that nominees were selected.”

Clinton said that one reason delegates might switch their votes now is because circumstances have changed. She said she thinks her success in Ohio in Texas indicated that voters thought she matched up better against Republican Sen. John McCain, who by the time of those primaries and caucus had emerged as the Republican nominee.

Why would she lie?

(You can watch a video of her interview here.)

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