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Hillary Sought Staff Via Wright’s Newsletter

Here’s a fine ‘how do you do,” from the February 12, 2006 edition of Trinity Church’s Trumpet newsletter (pdf file):


And, once again, as this appeared in the “Pastor’s Page,” this notice was certainly posted with the Reverend Wright’s blessings, if not by his very own hand.

(As indeed is certainly true of everything that appears in the Trumpet, which is published by Mr. Wright’s talented young daughter.)

Moreover, this appears to be the only political job of this type that Mr. Wright has seen fit to promote within the Trumpet’s pages.

But more importantly, a cursory glance of the back issues of Trumpet should have revealed to any person of judgment the rampant racist hatred that was at work at Trinity Church. (See the related articles links below for some Trumpet highlights.)

What the heck was Hillary thinking?

Isn’t she on record saying that she would have never put up with a pastor who said the things that the Reverend Doctor Wright said.

And yet she wanted an important staff member from his congregation?

By the way, why was Mrs. Clinton advertising in a Chicago area newsletter anyway? Wasn’t she (and isn’t she still) a Senator from the great state of New York?

Shouldn’t she have tried to hired someone from her own state? After all, she promised to create 200,000 new jobs.

Which, needless to say, never happened.

Doesn’t feather-bedding begin at home?

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