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Hillary Tries To Talk Economy Into Recession

From those champions of economic justice at Reuters:

Clinton sees economy tilting toward recession

Sat Jan 5, 2008

MANCHESTER, New Hampshire (Reuters) – Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton said on Saturday she believed the U.S. economy was heading toward a recession.

Citing jobs data on Friday that showed the U.S. unemployment rate rising to its highest level in more than two years, Clinton said, “I think the economy is slipping toward recession.” …

“The unemployment figures on Friday hitting 5 percent, $100-a-barrel oil that we also hit this week, the fall of the dollar, there’s a lot of pressure on middle-class families and a kind of cost that they have to keep up with have all gone up astronomically,” the New York senator said in a debate with Democratic rivals before New Hampshire’s tight nominating contest on Tuesday…

Needless to say, Mrs. Clinton will do anything to try to assure her ascension to power. If it means jawboning the country into a crippling recession and throwing millions of people out of work, so be it.

Getting power is everything to her. Other people, this country, mean nothing.

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