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Hillary’s War Room Says The Party’s Over

From the erstwhile “war room,” Hillary Is 44:

Funeral In Denver

Friday, August 29th, 2008

This is a shocking and brilliant choice by McCain. McCain/Palin announce in must-win OHIO. Stomps out the Obama funeral story.

If McCain does not run for re-election the 44 year old Palin will be the Republican nominee in 2012. If the Democrats can be bought back to life after they are destroyed in NOvember and in 2010 they will have to nominate a women to run against Palin in 2012.

Hillary. Yes, Hillary.

Palin will help win women around the country. Palin will help with women in the Philadelphia suburbs. Ohio and Michigan and Pennsylvania will likely go with NRA member and hunter Palin. The Republican Party is now 100% unified and not in a fake way. The Republicans are showing they once again know how to run an election.

This is a shocking announcement with not much of a buildup (most thought it would be dull Romney, Pawlenty, or generic white male) which compares brilliantly against the trumpted [sic] weeks long hype of the Obama campaign – a big buildup for a dud.

Women will savage the Democratic Party and Obama/Dean/Brazile/Pelosi for their sexism and misogyny. Palin, whose political views we do not share, is well-spoken and articulate and tough. Palin is a maverick hated by the Alaska Republican Party because she has challenged them on ethics.

Hillary’s 18 million voters (many disenfranchised by the Democratic(?) Party) will determine this election and they just have by rejection [sic] of Obama/Dean/Brazile/Pelosi…

McCain has made a big bold amazing pick which knocks Obama’s fake campaign to the dirt – buried.


There is really not much to say. The Party’s Over.

Something tells us that the rest of the Pumas are similarly cheesed off.

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