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Hillary Loses Half Her MySpace “Friends”

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

Hillary Clinton loses thousands of "friends" on MySpace

In case you’re counting, a new group blog called techPresident tracks, among other things, how many "friends" the leading presidential candidates have on MySpace.

Sen. Barack Obama is leading all Democrats with more than 38,000 friends. Sen. Hillary Clinton is in second place with about 12,000 even after a sudden plunge in the number of friends professing support. (That’s John Edwards in third place on the techPresident graph, followed by other Democratic candidates.)

The Clinton MySpace page, which isn’t an official campaign site, is back up and has posted the following message:

"For some reason MySpace deleted us recently. We are working to get back to 24,000 friends. Please re-add us send out a bulletin letting your friends know to support Hillary on MySpace."

Well, I hope these contretemps weren’t caused by our February 10th article letting "our friends" know about Ms. Clinton’s cool rad MySpace page.

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