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How The Hillary ‘War Room’ Gave Thanks

From her campaign front Hillary Is 44:

Thanksgiving Day

It’s Thanksgiving Day.

We have a lot to be grateful for this past year. We are grateful for the clearcut, obvious blessings, received this year. We are also grateful for the less decernible [sic] blessings, the hidden blessings.

Before briefly listing some of the major blessings received this year we stroll down Memory Lane once again.

We began this website back in April 2007. At the time, the ‘internets’ [sic] and certain dinosaur pundits were predicting the collapse of the Hillary Clinton for President campaign. The predictions of gloom and doom were everywhere. By late May, by Memorial Day, said the finger bowl pundits, Hillary would no longer be a frontrunner.

Hillary was being destroyed in fundraising the gloomsters said. Hillary was disliked they said. ‘She’s not as good as Bill’ they proclaimed. Total collapse was at hand, ‘it’s only name recognition’, ‘it’s too early to listen to the polls’, ‘not a single person I know is supporting her’, her support is ‘a mile wide and an inch thick’ they shouted and shouted.

But our favorite delusions from that Springtime for Haters are the ‘nobody really likes her’ and ’she has no support on the blogosphere/internet/netroots’ delusion…

Well, things have certainly changed. No one with any sense (there is still an abundance of the senseless typing rapidly in their little bubbles of delusion) dares question Hillary’s internet support any longer. Hillary has more than a million supporters on the ‘internets’ [sic] and we are no longer silent nor are we cowed.

More and more Hillary supporters start websites to support Hillary. More and more established voices break out in song to endorse and defend Hillary. Also important to acknowledge are the many other, established and new voices, increasingly becoming aware of the ugly nature of anti-Hillary attacks – and finally ending their silence and speaking out in the name of decency and fairness.

So, we are thankful for all the voices throwing off fear and risking hostility in defense of Hillary on the internet. Many of those voices post here. Others come here to refresh themselves among happy Hillary supporters, without commenting, and we are thankful for all the gathering choir.

We are also thankful for some very hidden blessings. Declaring something a hidden blessing has its pitfalls. Too often we turn genuine calamity into a fake virtue by labeling it a “blessing in disguise”. After sufficient thought we are sure there is no self-delusion nor public deception when we speak of the following hidden blessings:

Let’s be thankful for the attacks Hillary has endured. Yes, it would have been nice not to have them occur, we are not fools. But this is a “No Whine” zone. For a long time Democrats, in too many election cycles, have endured attacks and responded with moaning and groaning and bluster and fluster. We do condemn, and will continue to respond to, the shameful attacks on character and honesty which speak more to the destructive intent, lack of character, and dishonesty of Hillary opponents.

We are grateful that in this election cycle our candidate is AWARE of the attacks to come and prepares for them. We are grateful that responses to the attacks do not take weeks to be addressed. We are grateful that we have a fighter leading the charge.

We are also grateful that with each painful attack our candidate learns how better to respond; the Hillary Team becomes more practiced and focused; Hillary supporters become more energized.

Hillary has been under sustained attack from her Democratic opponents in this race. Republicans use attacks against Hillary to promote themselves – even running ads against Hillary in New Hampshire and elsewhere. Big Media and Big Blogs try to drag her down for their self interests. Naderites and PINOs attack Hillary to promote their agendas and increase their pitiful level of influence. All of these sustained and across the board attacks are at best annoying at worse dispiriting. But they are necessary.

Hillary has taken on a great series of tasks. Whether it is passing Universal Health Care or stopping the war in Iraq, or strengthening and growing the economy, increasing employment opportunities, creating jobs, comprehensive immigration reform, defending the nation, the tasks are great and there will be a lot of opposition.

We are grateful that Hillary has taken on these tasks. We are grateful that she is surrounded by Bill and Chelsea and the Hillary Team of Mark and Mandy and Patti and well all who work so hard to get her elected.

Hillary will be the 44th American President. The trials she endures now will make her a stronger and better leader. Yes, she has been tried and tested for 35 years. But Hillary has a lot of work to do and a large agenda. The job will not end when she is elected president. That’s when the job begins – for all of us.

Can you believe the monomania these people?

Would you want people who think like this anywhere near the levers of power?

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