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Hillary’s ‘War Room’ Lashes Out At Oprah

From the thinly disguised front for Hillary’s “War Room,” Hillary Is 44:

O + O = 0

Saturday, December 8th, 2007

Maybe Oprah will forego doling out cars today and instead pay the health care costs of the 15 million Americans Obama abandons as uninsured in his NOT universal healthcare plan.

And make no mistake, Obama abandons 15 million Americans to the land of the uninsured. For the arguments substantiating this claim read HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

But Obama is persisting in his deceptions. Once again, typical for the Chicago crowd, Obama is attacking the critics of his healthcare plan instead of fixing his plan (link HERE to Obama’s website attack on Paul Krugman). And, Obama is once again using selected quotes and distortions to slime legitimate arguments.

Taylor Marsh has the play by play on Obama’s attack on Paul Krugman:

[Mr. Krugman’s and others’ nonsense snipped for sanity.]

Ezra Klein, who remains silent on Chris Matthews’ Mudball show when Hillary is attacked unfairly, comes to the defense of Krugman in blogworld:

[Mr. Klein’s nonsense snipped.]

Krugman has explained why Obama’s rhetoric is dangerous to true progressives and Democrats who want reform:

[Also snipped.]

Increasingly, true progressives are begining [sic] to speak out against Obama’s false hopes. Ellen Goodman is the latest who understands the difference between flowery talk and action:

There’s still a difference between being an icon of change and an agent of change. And there is a difference as well between being a fine philosopher king and a strong presidential challenger.

It’s easy to understand why Obama hopes the woman who sold America James Frey’s A Million Little Lies Pieces will help sell Obama’s 15 Million Lies.

But the rest of us, especially Americans without health insurance, know that Obama Is Never There When You Need Him.

It’s all pretty ugly and amazingly juvenile, isn’t it?

It’s easy to understand why Obama hopes the woman who sold America James Frey’s A Million Little Lies Pieces will help sell Obama’s 15 Million Lies.

And lest anyone think this is an aberration in the tone of the Hillary camp, here is another sip of the endless stream of vitriol being served at Hillary Is 44 from two days ago:

Merry-Go-Round Therapy, A Christmas Miracle, And Texas

Thursday, December 6th, 2007

With only 28 days left until the Iowa caucuses it’s time to take the Merry-Go-Round and review some items of news and provide helpful hints on how to cope with the thrill packed month ahead.

While Iowans get to vote on January 3, 2008, absentee voting in New Hampshire begins next week. In the big February 5 states with absentee voting, such as California, absentee voting starts on January 5. So get ready to vote where ever you are.

Many Hillary supporters are new to the rough punches of presidential politics. Many Hillary supporters are getting themselves sick as they watch Big Media follow Tim Russert’s lead and attack Hillary while placing Obama on all the news magazine covers, pumping up Obama efforts like fluffers in the porn industry, making silly exaggerations of Hillary weakness, and of course talking magic at the mere mention of Oprah.

If you find yourself getting sick or in a constant state of outrage, take a walk. Calm down. Unplug the computer. Unplug the TV. If you find that taking a walk and unplugging the computer and TV merely adds to your anxiety because you feel disconnected and helpless, then try exercise. When watching Chris Matthews a treadmill or NordicTrack is necessary. Jumping jacks or push ups also help when watching haters like Matthews. You’ll discover that you are exercising at a heightened pace when watching these know-nothings. The only danger to this therapy is you might become musclebound.

Also don’t overreact when you hear “bad” news. Usually what you are hearing is gross exaggerations and outright spin. Read the source material not what the “reporter” says about the source material.

Remember Big Blogs are echo chambers. They influence very few. The only ones who read Big Blogs seriously are “reporters” who use comments on the Big Blogs to push a narrative the “reporters” want to push. If you see five “diaries” on the same Hillary Hate topic on DailyKooks, realize Kooks need to entertain themselves. Don’t feel overwhelmed and helpless. Instead of DailyKooks, take a walk to your nearest Chock Full O’Nuts vendor

Sheesh. They hate everybody.

Apparently the authors have forgotten how Mrs. Clinton recently heaped praise on the folks at Daily Kos for their “substance.”

But note their high-flown cultural references: “like fluffers in the porn industry.” (Of course the only real shock is that they didn’t call it the “sex worker industry.”)

Do we really want these people back in the White House and at the levers of power? Do we really want eight more years of this?

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