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Hispanics Support Christie Even After Scandals!

From the Associated Press:

Christie draws Hispanic support amidst scandals

By STEVE PEOPLES | January 22, 2014

Hispanic leaders across the political spectrum — including some that typically favor Democrats — are giving the Republican governor the benefit of the doubt even as new details emerge in an abuse-of-power scandal. They have warmed to Christie in part because of his aggressive courtship of minority voters throughout his first four years in office and promise to do more as his second term begins.

So the GOP has finally found a way to attract more Hispanic support: Close bridge lanes.

Just days before an apparent case of political retribution by his office was exposed this month, Christie signed a new law granting in-state college tuition rates to New Jersey immigrants in the country illegally, winning national praise from Hispanic officials. The gesture may alienate some conservatives in the next presidential election should he seek the White House, but it helped cement Christie’s status as one of the Hispanic community’s more popular Republicans.

In fact, the AP is trying to do two things here. First, they want to reward Christie for  signing his own ‘Dream Act’ a few weeks ago. And they hope that, in his weakened state, he will do even more for illegal aliens in order to get someone/anyone to love him. 

Secondly, and more importantly, the AP is trying to convince the Republican leadership that if they give Hispanics amnesty they will forgive them everything else. Even their scandalous past as a party.

Which, of course, is nonsense. Because, come election day, most Hispanics will still vote the straight Democrat ticket even after amnesty has been passed. Just as we saw after the 1986 Reagan amnesty.

"I think everybody needs to take a deep breath," said the Rev. Gabriel Salguero, president of the National Latino Evangelical Coalition, who delivered an invocation at the last Democratic National Convention. "We don’t want to judge anything before all the facts are out. Gov. Christie has said he did not know about it. Right now, there’s no evidence to the contrary."

Alfonso Aguilar, executive director of the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles, suggested that Democrats are pushing new allegations against Christie because they’re afraid of his strength as a prospective 2016 presidential candidate. "I just don’t see the huge scandal," Aguilar said, describing Christie’s popularity among Hispanics as a potential "game changer" for the Republican Party…

You see? You can buy love. You can buy forgiveness.

"This election has taught us that the ways we divide each other — by race, by class, by ethnicity, by wealth, by political party — is neither permanent nor necessary," Christie declared Tuesday shortly after taking the oath of office to begin his second term.

He scheduled his inaugural night celebration for New York’s Ellis Island, the nation’s storied entry point for millions of immigrants.

Legal immigrants. And, in fact, we currently allow a higher rate of legal immigration than at the highest rate that went through Ellis Island.

The event was canceled because of weather concerns, however.

But in a speech that ignored the swirling controversy, Christie cited the passage of New Jersey’s student tuition bill as an example of putting "the future of our state ahead of the partisans who would rather demonize than compromise."

"We have to be willing to reach out to others who look or speak differently than us," he said…

Tell that to your neighbor, Governor Cuomo.

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One Response to “Hispanics Support Christie Even After Scandals!”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Christie? Hispanics? What’d I miss? He’s a big fat white guy from a corrupt state which has done little to help its own residents rebuild after open of the worst storms ever. He talks smack out of both sides of bis mouth simultaneously and .. he cried over Bruce Springsteen.

    These are ‘Hispanic’ values?

    (did someone slip weed into my toast this morning? ..)

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