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Holder And Axelrod ‘Nearly Came To Blows’

Here is more information from the aforementioned new book on Obama, via the New York Post:

2 top Bam aides went ‘chest to chest’: book

June 4, 2012

You’re being a bully! No, you’re being a bully!

In a scene right off the school playground, an irate US Attorney General Eric Holder and chief presidential adviser David Axelrod nearly came to blows after Holder went around town saying Axelrod was meddling with his department, according to a new book.

“The two men stood chest to chest. It was like a schoolyard fight back at their shared alma mater, Stuyvesant, the elite public high school for striving kids in New York City,’’ writes Daniel Klaidman in “Kill or Capture: The War on Terror and the Soul of the Obama Presidency,’’ which hits bookstores tomorrow.

It sounds like a ‘girl fight’ to us. (If one can say that these days.)

An incensed Axelrod hissed to Holder during the hallway incident after a Cabinet meeting in 2009, “Don’t ever, ever accuse me of trying to interfere with the operations of the Justice Department,’’ Klaidman writes.

Holder, furious at “being publicly dressed down,’’ shouted back, ‘That’s bull-s–t!’” according to Klaidman.

The two were finally separated by a female aide, the book says.

That was Valerie Jarrett, who could probably take both of them.

Axelrod, speaking on CBS’s “Face the Nation’’ yesterday, called Holder “a great friend’’ but didn’t deny the almost-skirmish.

“We may have gone chest to chest back in the day,’’ said Axelrod, who now works for President Obama’s re-election campaign. “But we have a strong relationship.’’

Of course, all of this is a little hard to believe, unless Mr. Axelrod thought some of Eric Holder’s actionss at the DOJ were bad for ‘optics.’

Still, it is hard to imagine these two radical leftist political hacks not being on the same page in all things, great and small.

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5 Responses to “Holder And Axelrod ‘Nearly Came To Blows’”

  1. Mithrandir says:

    TWO BULLS LOCKIN’ HORNS! Watch out everybody! We got 2 bad asses over here!

    Yeah, that makes for a good story, but if you have actually seen and heard these two, it’s more like a high school WIMP-FIGHT!

    This is closer to what actually happened: http://youtu.be/CLkvO92-tyI?t=32s

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    This is only the one we know about.

    I’ve said it for years, national socialists hate each other. The only thing they hate more is conservatives, which is the only glue that gets them to work together.

    The behind-closed-doors sessions I’m sure are filled with lots of very snotty remarks, ad-hominem attacks and plain accusations and threats. They are incapable of polite conversational discourse.

    And they RESENT that any one of them has any more authority than they do. It’s a grandiose p*ssing contest whenever they get together to discuss an issue because each one, I’m sure is busy trying to explain how THEY can do it better than the others and the funny thing is, they do the same things to each other that they do to conservatives. That’s proof alone that they are socially inept and emotionally crippled people.

  3. GetBackJack says:

    It is my most fervent hope that karma in all it’s ugliest and most muscular glory rolls over Axelrod and Holder both, in plain view for all to witness what recompense is meted out to the likes of these.

  4. EvaTheFrisbeeDog says:

    Hit him with your purse!

  5. P. Aaron says:

    Holder vs Axelrod: a bad visual.

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