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Holder Calls US ‘Cowards’ About Race

Given how sick to death we are about talking about race matters, we were tempted to give this story a miss.

But, alas, here is our new Attorney General’s inciteful insightful musings, from his fellow race baiters at the Associated Press:

Holder: US a nation of cowards on racial matters


WASHINGTON (AP) — Eric Holder, the nation’s first black attorney general, said Wednesday the United States was "a nation of cowards" on matters of race, with most Americans avoiding candid discussions of racial issues. In a speech to Justice Department employees marking Black History Month, Holder said the workplace is largely integrated but Americans still self-segregate on the weekends and in their private lives.

"Though this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot, in things racial we have always been and I believe continue to be, in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards," Holder said.

Race issues continue to be a topic of political discussion, but "we, as average Americans, simply do not talk enough with each other about race."

Holder’s speech echoed President Barack Obama’s landmark address last year on race relations during the hotly contested Democratic primaries, when the then-candidate urged the nation to break "a racial stalemate we’ve been stuck in for years" and bemoaned the "chasm of misunderstanding that exists between the races." Obama delivered the speech to try to distance himself from the angry rhetoric of his former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Holder cited that speech by Obama as part of the motivation for his words Wednesday, saying Americans need to overcome an ingrained inhibition against talking about race.

"If we’re going to ever make progress, we’re going to have to have the guts, we have to have the determination, to be honest with each other. It also means we have to be able to accept criticism where that is justified," Holder told reporters after the speech.

In the speech, Holder urged people of all races to use Black History Month as a chance for honest discussion of racial matters, including issues of health care, education and economic disparities.

Race, Holder said, "is an issue we have never been at ease with and, given our nation’s history, this is in some ways understandable… If we are to make progress in this area, we must feel comfortable enough with one another and tolerant enough of each other to have frank conversations about the racial matters that continue to divide us." …

Holder told hundreds of Justice Department employees gathered for the event that they have a special responsibility to advance racial understanding.

Even when people mix at the workplace or afterwork social events, Holder argued, many Americans in their free time are still segregated inside what he called "race-protected cocoons."

"Saturdays and Sundays, America in the year 2009 does not in some ways differ significantly from the country that existed almost 50 years ago. This is truly sad," said Holder.

Matt Miller, a spokesman for Holder, said later the attorney general used "provocative words to be clear that Americans of all races should stop avoiding the difficult issues of race."

Isn’t this new post-racial era grand?

Mind you, this is the man who has vowed to “de-politicize” the Justice Department.

If we weren’t such cowards about talking about race, we might point out that Mr. Holder’s only qualification for his new position seems to be the color of his skin, rather than the content of his character.

We would also recall that Mr. Obama had no problem attending a church every Sunday that espoused the vehement racism called “Black Liberation Theology.”

We would even wonder how it is possible that Mr. Obama is not a racist, when he called the viciously racist Reverend Wright “spiritual mentor.”

And we would meditate on the hypocrisy of Mr. Obama’s claim to want to get beyond racism, when he appoints such a racist firebrand as Mr. Holder to head the Department Of Justice.

(If you are a true glutton for punishment, you can read the rest of the gentleman’s racist remarks here.)

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83 Responses to “Holder Calls US ‘Cowards’ About Race”

  1. PC says:

    “Even when people mix at the workplace or afterwork social events, Holder argued, many Americans in their free time are still segregated inside what he called “race-protected cocoons.”

    How could someone make such a stupid statement? I’m assuming it can only be from his personal experience that on the weekends he doesn’t mix with white people.

  2. pdsand says:

    During previous generations’ liberal efforts to expand the government into the workplace on account of race, the whole theory was that if the government jammed itself into work and school and forced a little diversity, then we would all join hands in the gorgeous mosaic and sing kumbaya. Is this an official admission that all of the last 50 years of liberalism has been an abject failure?
    Of course not, it’s a perfectly legitimate reason to expand the government into our private lives to enforce diversity on the weekends and at social gatherings. If Americans weren’t so wrong-headed, liberals wouldn’t be forced to begrudgingly expand the government to control every aspect of our lives for our own good.

  3. pdsand says:

    Oh wait that’s right, 50 years ago our job was considered part of our private lives. Well, maybe the warm embrace of socialism will be nice.

  4. curvyred says:

    So what’s next Mr. Obvious: sanctioned week-end activities chosen by you and TCO?

    I really love people who manufacture problems where there are none.
    It is going to be a long four years, but I already knew that. Is Mr. Holder in every weekend gathering in every town?

    I live in a small town where we are very integrated, maybe they are more xenophobic in the big city where he comes from, lol.

    And while we are on the subject of integration, let’s really talk.

    When you are willing to no longer participate and encourage the following organizations that do nothing but promote self-segregation, then we can talk progress:

    Black Congressional Caucus, NAACP, Black Entertainment Television, etc.

  5. If this has anything whatsoever to do with the actual responsibilities of the attorney general, l’m afraid I’m missing it.

    Should we look forward to Co-Attorneys General Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson if Mr. Holder steps down?

  6. Confucius says:

    Mr. Holder, you are wrong.

    The race “cowards” in this country live in your party, the Democrat Party.

    You are the ones who don’t want to honestly discuss race relations. You only want to control what we think and say.

    When confronted with the truth, you are the ones who collapse into fits of uncontrollable hysteria which are oftentimes punctuated with racial slurs.

    You are the ones who invented the term “hate speech,” and you are the ones who use it to silence dissent. You are the ones who made the term a prosecutable offense.

    No, Mr. Holder. You and your Democrat friends are the cowards and the racists in this country.

    • JohnMG says:

      ……”Holder cited that speech by Obama as part of the motivation for his words Wednesday, saying Americans need to overcome an ingrained inhibition against talking about race…….”

      You’ve got that nailed down tight, Confucius. I’ve lost count of the times that when trying to have a rational conversation with most blacks about racism, cultural decay, and the like, all I get in return is, “It’s a ‘black’ thing. You wouldn’t understand”.


    • proreason says:

      You are wasting your breath, John.

      They have been pumped full of hate and anger by their “leaders” for decades. It’s past the point of rational discussion except for a tiny percentage still capable of thinking for themselves.

      The Moron is just throwing fuel on the fire.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Just rub nappys’ head and shoo him along boys. All he’s doing is what his massa tells him to do, like the good lil dog he is!!

  7. Reality Bytes says:

    Is it me or does “jerkoff” apply to this guy?

    • DoctorRock says:

      I’d go with “shill” or “stooge”. I’ve read his speech, and I think his modesty got the best of him as there’s no mention of the great work he’s done for the Jewish and Hispanic communities (e.g. Marc Rich, The Borica Popular Army, and the United Self-Defense Forces of Columbia). I was mad as hell when I heard his remarks last night. Today I see it as a funky end-zone dance – a little something to impress the folks at home in his first address to the nation.

  8. jrmcdonald says:

    In our hearts, everyone wants justice. Mr. Holder wants someone to tell him that he only got this job due to affirmative action. Prove me wrong Mr. Holder, ask your boss what he and Blago talked about…

  9. GetBackJack says:

    I grew up in and around Civil War battlefields, memorials and National Cemeteries. I am literally steeped in the Civil War. Although a proud, unrepentant secessionist (getting out from under the District’s insanity is as wise today as it was then) let me remind Mr. Holder that America spent the blood and treasure of 600,000 of it’s best in a WAR that decided the issue of race. That number … 600,000 doesn’t even begin to describe the actual cost … the women, wives, children, homes, farms and businesses that were ruined, destroyed and dislocated is exponentially greater. And the number of hideously wounded, disfigured and maimed is greater still.



    You should be thanking Almighty God you live in a nation where it’s citizens willfully paid such a price for your freedom. How about a thank you, instead of calling us cowards?

    I’m appalled at the stupendous depths of ignorance, hostility, self-absorption and twisted psychosis Mr. Holder has achieved. But then, I may have to forgive him if he wuz edicated in our federaly dunded pubic skrools.

    • proreason says:

      well said

    • MinnesotaRush says:

      Yes .. ditto!

    • sheehanjihad says:

      Perfectly put so even that penis with ears cant refute it. I would have said very much the same thing, only with a lot more expletives. Holder is a political appointee, and nothing more. No wonder the illegals and terrorists are dancing in the streets. This spineless jerkimer represents zero threat for any laws being enforced because he’s too busy being the typical accusatory black man than to pay attention to his real job. He is the poster child for that NAACP saying…” A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste”.

    • Colonel1961 says:

      SJ: you have a way with words…

      Jack: You’ve nailed it. Recent events tell me the tide is about to turn. And, for the record, I’m all for secession. Count me in.

    • TwilightZoned says:


      In his case…the mind is a terrible thing.

  10. Odie44 says:

    The only racist “cowards” are those who refuse to have an honest conversation concerning race in America and its failures.

    AA / Entitlement policies are failures.
    Race baiting, brow beating rhetoric is a failure
    Blaming whites is a failure
    70% absent black fathers is a failure
    Gang on gang crime that accounts for 90% of black deaths by murder is a failure
    Discussing reparations and inane 150 year ago society is a failure
    The glass ceiling promoted by black “leaders” is a failure
    Appointing people based on skin color alone is a failure
    Giving mortgages to people who cannot afford them in black communities is a failure
    Porkapolooza 09 to reward those who cannot afford mortgages in round 1 is a failure

    Gee, I can’t wait with baited breath to have an honest conversation in America about the racist cowards…

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Don’t hold your breath……….
      Al is consumed with cartoons these days and Jesse can’t be bothered with with the race thing right now ’cause he’s too busy being a…….coward.
      Obama could do it but the teleprompter is down and you’d be boored to death with his abstract bullshit answers.
      Bubba Clinton ( the real 1st Black prez ) isn’t doing anything because of his Hag SoS, so he may be able to confab with you but send the women folk elsewhere. He tends to he a bit of a Horndog if unleashed.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Don’t hold your breath……….
      Al is consumed with cartoons these days and Jesse can’t be bothered with with the race thing right now ’cause he’s too busy being a…….coward.
      Obama could do it but the teleprompter is down and you’d be boored to death with his abstract bullshit answers.
      Bubba Clinton ( the real 1st Black prez ) isn’t doing anything because of his Hag SoS, so he may be able to confab with you but send the women folk elsewhere. He tends to he a bit of a Horndog if unleashed.

  11. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    The ultimate irony here is that Mr. Holder is from the democratic party. After the Civil War it was the democratic party that fought against desegregation, acceptance of blacks as American citizens, obstructed the progress of Reconstruction, fought tooth and nail against the civil rights movements of the fifties and sixties, not to mention the wave of violence and intimidation they conducted. The list of their monstrous atrocities is endless and still continues today but in a political format. To call his fellow Americans cowards is beyond the pale. I’m appalled Obama would choose such a man to be AG, but then again birds of a feather flock together.

    • TwilightZoned says:

      You are absolutely correct regarding the democratic party. Yes, VERY ironic. But you know how they twist history…

  12. artboyusa says:

    Cowards, huh? This guy needs a history lesson. In 1861 my great grandfather, Sgt Wood was his name, volunteered to serve because he believed in the Union and because he opposed slavery. He spent four years in the Union army (wounded twice, captured on the Dahlgren Raid and escaped). We still have his Colt pistols and they still shoot. Like Getback says, this country paid a big price so jerks like Holder can call us and our ancestors cowards.

    I’m old enough to remember when segregation still had the force of law in this country and I remember when and how it was overcome. We overcame it fairly quickly and without needing to call in the UN peacekeepers, without ethnic cleansing, without mass graves and, compared to some other countries I could name, we can be truly proud of what we as Americans did to end this evil thing, both in the 1860s and again a century later.

  13. wardmama4 says:

    Hypocrit thy name is Democrat. Mr. Holder needs to look in a mirror to see the coward.

    He disgusts me – btw, his father wasn’t even born in America – another race-baiter, slavery not in half his genetic background – race card thrower extraordinaire. Oops my bad – neither of his parents are decendants of American slaves – like his mentor The One ™ he knows not of what he speaks – yet claims to know exactly how every single not black person in America lives, feels and believes.

    Let me amend my opening salvo – Stupid thy name is Democrat. Mr. Holder is committing hate speech against 67% of America.

    • wardmama4 says:

      Mr. Holder is committing hate speech against 67% of America.

      My bad, in my request to AG Holder to resign, I discovered I made a mistake, as of 2006 there is only 13.4% of American citizens who are black (only) so my sentence should be: Mr. Holder is committing hate speech against 86.6% of America.

      Also, to note – Hispanic/Latino Americans is up to14.8% – ouch, might some of the black rage out there now because they are slipping down the ladder – might the black community want to reconsider abortion, gangs and glamourizing the criminal culture?

      Oh wait, I’m white (mutt actually) I can’t discuss race in Mr. Holder’s world – or I’m supposedly too cowardly to do it.

  14. MinnesotaRush says:

    Holder’s comments are so offensive on so many levels it’s just disgusting. The arrogance of these folks in the O-blah-blah administration is just stunning. Great job at the uniting thing.

    Along my journey, I’ve learned that most oftentimes, folks are usually guilty of the things that they judge others of. To wit .. is holder saying he’s a racial coward? .. afraid to give up on that victim mentality?

    Disgusting comments and certainly innapropriate of his position.

  15. Barbie says:

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again ( I’ll write it again, in this case), Obama will set race relations back at least 30 years. Eric Holder is a good example of why. Look for more examples before much more time passes.

  16. gradstudent says:

    I can’t help but think that, to a certain extent, this wacko–I mean, our illustrious AG– is right…we ARE a nation of cowards, but not in the way he believes. As a group, we are cowards in that the majority is too afraid of violating the sanctity of political correctness, lest we appear to be “racist,” and we let people like this guy– who, I might add, is definitely not a gentleman (sorry for being pedantic, SG)– trample our freedom and enslave us in the name of “multiculturalism,” “diversity,” and “change.” Sorry…enough ranting.

    • proreason says:

      I agree with your point, but I wouldn’t call us cowards. I would say we are EXTREMELY tolerant.

      But that tolerance is waning.

      Rush spoke about Holder today, and Rush’s anger was palpable. In fact, I’ve sensed that in general, Rush has about had it with almost everything that is going on now.

      I’d be interested to hear from people who listened to Rush during the Clinton administration to hear whether his temperment now is different than it was then.

  17. shalomsweetie says:

    I have typed and retyped and retyped a response but words are inept and ineffectual. All I can say is that evil has moved into America and these people spin lies and dissension like I have never seen. There seems to be no low that is low enough for the democratic party and I am appalled beyond description at the layers of blasphemy building before my eyes as goodness is stripped down and the willfull blindness and gullibility of the American public. It isn’t just race relations that are being driven back, it is liberty, goodwill, trust, prosperity, truth, common sense, decency, moral and ethical standards, respect for law, respect for individual freedom and autonomy and every single aspect of this glorious land that is (or was) considered great. I have no intellectual two cents to throw into the ring, just a broken heart and a devastated spirit.

    • Colonel1961 says:

      I think you said it perfectly. And I couldn’t agree more – especially about goodwill and trust. Fine points!

    • TwilightZoned says:

      Well said. I think you speak for most of us. Everyday I’m amazed at what the democrats concoct. Their all too real goal of remaining in power FOREVER doesn’t seem so far fetched at this point. They are vipers poisoning our country. I swear they’d eat their own young.

    • sheehanjihad says:

      Shalomsweetie…be patient. It isnt going to last……count on it.

    • wardmama4 says:

      The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Edmund Burke (1729-1797)

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Oneday the serpent will raise its ugly head for the last time.
      It will be smythed and shown to be of many disguises……….soon.

  18. GuppyNblue says:

    He’s attacking our freedom of association and setting the stage for something. Maybe PC has run it’s course and its time to make the race card a legal document.

  19. AmericanIPA says:

    Of course there are many who are afraid to discuss race openly. That’s because anything racial becomes racist when it comes from a non-minority source. Every time someone–even a black person–makes a statement about how young black men should be more responsible with their lives and choices or about how blacks as a race need to start rising above the low expectations of politicians on the make, they are shouted down and scolded by self-proclaimed black spokesmen like Al Sharpton or Jessee Jackson. How can an open dialogue exist when Al Sharpton exists?

    The idea of an honest and open discussion of race to a race-baiter like Holder, Obama, or Sharpton is a string of apologies from the white person. Indeed, the fact that many white people didn’t vote for Mr. Obama seems to signify that this vote was racially charged.

    Eric Holder has this post because he is black, just as Obama has his job because he is black. As SG alludes to in his remarks, Martin Luther King’s dream about a man being judged by the content of his character, rather than the color of his skin is his most forgotten dream I would say. The character these two men exhibit, and the awful America-hating words they speak should be an embarrassment to them, not cause for cheering.

    • curvyred says:

      Indeed, I would say TCO is the antithesis to the dream – he was chosen not because of his character, but rather the melanin content of his skin.

  20. VMAN says:

    I am reminded of a great American who once said “Why can’t we all just get along”

    • proreason says:

      “Why can’t we all just get along”

      I’ve never had any problems getting along with black people and i’ll bet that is true for most people posting here.

      The problems arise when the race baiters get them in “church” and other forums and gin up the greed and hatred.

      When they are separated from the haters, their anger subsides. Frankly, I think feminazis, queers and basement loser liberals are much angrier than black people.

    • VMAN says:

      Pro you know I say that tongue in cheek. Just remember any time you hear something like that the next thing is a brick upside the head.

    • proreason says:

      I’m now having second thoughts about that post, as I’m recalling something I didn’t know until just recently.

      My wife worked in Cash Management, a very responsible position that fully utilized her skill as a highly organized person. She basically managed multiple checkbooks with many millions of dollars for a large organization. Because of the nature of the work, there was no room for error. That’s why she had the job. She is amazing detail-oriented. And she was also very proud of her job.

      She had a team of clericals who did the grunt work, but my wife bore the ultimate responsibility.

      She hired a number of blacks, including one that she took under her wing.

      After a few months, the black woman sabotaged my wife. She claimed racism and after a few months, my wife was gone. At the time, my wife didn’t even know what racism was. The black lady was pissed off because my wife couldn’t and wouldn’t tolerate errors. And all the clericals made lots of errors.

      I wasn’t even aware of it since her company was also tanking in the S&L meltdown in the 80’s. She talked about it some, but I assumed she left because she saw bankruptcy on the wall. And I was busy myself. She only told me the whole story a few years ago. I think she was ashamed.

      Don’t ask me how she feels about race now.

    • JohnMG says:

      Read Clarence Thomas’ book “My Grandfather’s Son”, especially the chapter(s) concerning Anita Hill. If those racist bastards will do that to one of their own, it takes little imagination to see their attitude toward the treatment of whites.

    • 1sttofight says:

      “Why can’t we all just get along”

      Because everyone does not want to get along.
      There is a permanent “victum “class in this country and they aint all black.
      We have lazy people of all colors whose families for generations have had their hands out and whine to high heaven when it is not filled.

    • caligirl9 says:

      Proreason, what happened to your wife was disgusting. Nice way to reward brains and trying to teach others how to do a very difficult job.

      Unfortunately it’s only worse nowadays. Look what happened to me—a white female who was good at her [contract] job for over two years, promoting a pair of community colleges populated by minority students. How can a person be any more open-minded than that—to promote a college that I could not have been comfortable attending when I was in my late teens?

      I even did volunteer work with an organization that promotes the advancement of Latinas in college and for those working in the college system. Can’t get much more open-minded than that.

      The full-time benefitted job went to a much less qualified Latina. She refuses to attend that volunteer organization’s meetings because she is too busy to take one Saturday morning a month to work toward the advancement of her own …

      The organization still invites and actively courts my participation.

    • proreason says:

      Cali, like many in the country, I simply turned away from Affirmative Action. I guess I hoped it would have some benefits, and we were all taught that it was a necessary thing to right some wrongs that had existed for a long time.

      But now, I think if you were able to get honest responses from average people, their opinion would be strongly against it. We have all now seen outrageous examples of incompetant people causing huge problems.

      Obamy is the ultimate example. His election was stunning. The disasters he has caused in just one month are unbelievable. You can sense the capable people in the country shaking their heads in amazement, and the anger rising to a fever pitch. After just one month.

      I read your posts and feel very bad about your situation. Hopefully, things will turn around for you soon.

  21. Howard Roark says:

    It’s hard to have a conversation on the weekends when every effort you’ve made to be good to the African American community is thrown back in your face as “racism”.

    If we let you go to your own schools for an education, we’re told that we’re racists because we graduate more people than your schools do.

    If we force bussing and desegregation to have your black children next to our white children in school, you call us racists because our white kids do better.

    If we dumb down the class curriculum so that your black children can finally keep up academically, you say we’re racists because they still fail the SAT exams for college entrance.

    If we dumb down the SAT so that you can score better, you say that we’re racists because the colleges try to teach us about “dead white men”.

    If we dumb down the college experience so that you can feel more comfortable, you call us “racists” because there aren’t as many scientists, doctors, and engineers who are black.

    Whites aren’t cowards because we don’t seek you out on the weekends. We’re simply exhausted with trying to keep up with your latest accusation.

    • sheehanjihad says:

      Howard nailed it spot on !!!!!!!!! Spot effing on! Great post Mr Roark!

    • TwilightZoned says:

      I’m in education and couldn’t have said it better.

    • Howard Roark says:

      Thank you, SJ and TwilightZoned.

      I substitute taught high school in Montgomery County, Va for a while after 911. I was painting cars for a living, but on rainy days I couldn’t work, so I would fill in between 4 different high schools on those times. I got a heavy dose of just what drives the average public school administration: FEAR.

      These things, plus my own college experience have taught me the above sentiments. We have been completely sabotaged from within, starting with the education of our young. Imagine the geniuses in our midst who graduate to this ‘outcome based’ reality, adrift in a sea of watered down tests, paralyzed teachers, and petrified administrators. We’re lucky if we’re producing one tenth of the possible Mozarts and Newtons that are with us now.

    • Anne says:

      As a former public school student, I say 10 percent is far too high. The new generation of teachers has been raised and educated in the ways of liberalism, and now, fresh out of liberal arts colleges with their “education” degrees, they pass it on to their students. The textbooks and curricula are hopeless too.

  22. canary says:

    There were many white cowards at my son’s school who would not admit they were for McCain, in fear of being harrassed as racists.
    The Afro-american children said that since only half the country voted for Obama, it shows the racism problem is worse than ever. The white kids are afraid of black kids, because they go around threatening the white kids. I told them one day, that they needed to stand up to bully’s, and they said it only makes it worse. After lecturing them at the mall, for making a mild off color joke of a dozen or so Afro-American teens that were harrassing whiteys, a big Afro-American man, cut in front of them at these small boys standing at the cashier, ordering them to get out of his way. And I stepped up and called him a Big Bully. Total chaos, people laughing, yelling, leaving, many colors. So, I pointed out to the boys, that I made no racist remarks.
    And I agree that we need to talk about this racist issues. I am sick of Obama and his regine constantly using minorities as examples of impoverished.
    Then I had to apoligize to the boys for lecturing them for their off color racist remark, when I found out even the Afro-American’s call getting in a line, blocking whitys is called a chocolate wall.

    • Barbie says:

      America will never resolve racism until blacks confess to themselves they are also racist toward whites. Years ago I was quite the lib, especially in respect to racism. I really did think the white people kept the black man down. I then moved to a big city where there were lots of blacks – and I was physically threatened, talked down to, sneered at, insulted and stared at with sheer hate – all for no more than walking into a different neighborhood while being white. I left there (I meant I left the city after a long period of time) with a far different realization of the race issue. And quite frankly, I got to the point where I was scared if I made an innocent remark about anything and a black co-worker took it the wrong way, it could be twisted to mean I was racist. A lot like what has happened with this cartoon IMO. (White people can take things out of context, too, but they don’t have the power of calling someone else a racist – which is really a very ugly thing. If people are that sensitive, I just can’t see wanting to know them better. Eric Holder, I don’t want to drink a beer with you, either. Not because you’re ‘black’, but because you’re a pompous, arrogant, small-minded fascist in training IMO. That’s my opinion and I am not shutting up – even if I’m called racist (which I will be, by someone)

    • brad says:

      I have always said this, that your opinion of black people is directly related to the distance you live from their communities.

      I laugh when I see the finger-wagging liberals on campus lecturing us about racism, then they bolt to their gated golf courses out in the edge of town. What hypocrites. Every black community should have at least 25% white liberal population living there, practicing what they preach.

    • JohnMG says:


      Definition of a conservative; A liberal that’s been mugged!

    • TwilightZoned says:

      I can so relate to your experience and thoughts. I moved to the south about 20 years ago and was appalled at how I was treated simply because I am white. Forget saying anything…it’s always scrutinized for any hint of racism that will be used against you. And you wonder why like people want to live and socialize with like people.

      “America will never resolve racism until blacks confess to themselves they are also racist toward whites.” AMEN!!! Two wrongs NEVER make a right.

  23. Al Morone says:

    Blacks are the new aristocracy. They receive privileges and entitlements denied to whites (affirmative action, etc.).

  24. canary says:

    Holder’s slang “ethnic melting pot” to describe America is demeaning. Sounds like cannabilism.
    Holder: “Though this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot, in things racial we have always been and I believe continue to be, in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards,” Holder said.

    I have always believed people in this world are born with a little bit of every color in us, based on Matthew chapter 1. I believe in Abraham Lincoln who referred to the bible that we were all created equal. That we were all created in God’s image.
    I am not a racist. I am a realist. Many in every country, proffession, sex, race,
    are just evil. Some will be saved from every nation.
    I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN where we try to be civil, fair, and righteous.
    There are many caucasion’s in Obama’s new regime who are not ignorant, but seek power, money, elitism. Narcissism is found all around the world. Very cunning, and dangerous. Worse than socialpaths. In my opinion Obama is a narcissist. His book “Dreams of my Father” really reflected that to me.

    • Anne says:

      The sad thing is, “ethnic melting pot” is exactly the sort of terminology one finds in school textbooks these days.

  25. 1sttofight says:

    These race baiting racist need to be Jap Slapped repeatedly whenever and whereever they say these kinds of things. Wish I had been there. I have been in jail a couple of times and aint afraid of going back.

    This BS has to end and today is just as good a time as any.

  26. brad says:

    This coming from the whitest black man since Michael Jackson!

    With liberals, it’s always a one-sided argument. If you want to have the “courage” to say there is a black/white disparity somewhere in America, then it’s Ok. If you want to say that no large city is worth living in because black culture and behavior have made it into a cesspool, that is not courageous at all according to them.

    Criticizing whites = “courage”

    Saying truthful negative things about blacks = “racism”

    No wonder (white) people have just given up.

  27. Al Morone says:

    Nothing will ever be enough. A black President doesn’t satisfy them, nor does any other ofice or position they achieve. They can go as far as their desires and talents take them. Everything is open to blacks, but as long as we have Sharptons, Jacksons and American-hating ministers, we’ll have demands that “whites should do more.” Can we not ever associate with those we want? I’d love to know just what it is they want. Hey, they’ve got a whole month to celebrate their own kind. When is it our turn?

    • brad says:

      Diversity and multiculturalism, racial unity etc, DON’T APPLY TO BLACK PEOPLE! That stuff is for whites only. Look at who THEY associate with? –Other black people. Look up any black university website and see if they even mention diversity anywhere? Is the NAACP a veritable racial U.N. or something?

      Sick of these pigs and their obvious double standards.

  28. Al Morone says:

    The “hate whitey” guilt trip propaganda starts early. Here’s an example from my former elementary school in Florida. Notice the (white) kids being forced to make “freedom quilts” to celebrate wonderful “black history month.” These poor children are being indoctrinated early.

  29. sheehanjihad says:

    Perhaps Mr. Holder should get what he wished for…..he could use the racial tolerance training himself.

    Heather Mac Donald
    Nation of Cowards?
    So says Eric Holder, but what’s really cowardly is racial dishonesty.
    19 February 2009

    Attorney General Eric Holder, a Clinton administration retread, wants to revive Bill Clinton’s National Conversation on Race. (What’s next? Hillarycare?) Holder recently told his Justice Department employees that the United States was a “nation of cowards” for not talking more about race. “It is an issue we have never been at ease with and, given our nation’s history, this is in some ways understandable,” Holder said. “If we are to make progress in this area, we must feel comfortable enough with one another and tolerant enough of each other to have frank conversations about the racial matters that continue to divide us.”

    Is he nuts? Leave aside for a moment Holder’s purely decorative call for a “frank” conversation about race. The Clinton-era Conversation also purported to be frank, and we know what that meant: a one-sided litany of white injustices. Please raise your hand if you haven’t heard the following bromides about “the racial matters that continue to divide us” more times than you can count: Police stop and arrest blacks at disproportionate rates because of racism; blacks are disproportionately in prison because of racism; blacks are failing in school because of racist inequities in school funding; the black poverty rate is the highest in the country because of racism; blacks were given mortgages that they couldn’t afford because of racism. I will stop there.


  30. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    My late father didn’t become prejudiced against blacks until his mid-forties when he became a prison guard for the Texas Dept. of Corrections. From then on until his retirement he spoke and viewed all blacks with great hostility. When I asked him why he said it was because a large majority of convicts were black and they were the segment of prison population that he and the other guards had the most trouble with. A few years later before he passed away he told me something that I’ve never forgotten and I hope never comes true: ‘Mark my words boy, one day there’s going to be a large race war in this country and it’s not going to be pretty.’ My father served two tours in Vietnam as a combat medic. Perhaps it was his survival instincts kicking in that made him forsee the handwriting on the wall.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      During Vietnam, I witnessed the black power thingy in the rear with the gear and the beer. In the bush, we were all Marines and it was “Guns Up” but when we returned to the “wire” they would start the fist banging / slapping (called the “P”) and talk about the GREAT COMING of the whiteys fall. Not all the brothers fell into this hogwash but 3/4 of them would block the slopshoot (Beer tent) with their silly knuckle knocking / shuck and jive show. Of course this brought about many fist to cuff. As for me……I moved up quicker to the cold beer while the idiots fought because I had my fill of the fight in the bush and needed to relax with my thoughts …… and their fight as enterainment.
      If its a fight they want…….there is no coward here!!

    • brad says:

      In the spirit of honesty, let me be honest about race for a minute. When I lived around blacks, the following took place:
      1. My clothes were stolen from the public washing machine.
      2. The wash machine coin slot was ripped off the hinges.
      3. The black kids turned on the water spiket thereby flooding our basement.
      4. They broke all the doorbells.
      5. They broke the lock on the front door so they could come in anytime they wanted.
      6. Broke into several cars stealing radios worth less than the windows they broke.
      7. Threw diapers out their window into the lawn area.
      8. Played extremely loud music from their cars in the parking lot during sleeping hours.
      9. Knifed a guy in the parking lot.
      10. Stole our mail and ruined our mailboxes.
      11. Spliced t.v. and internet cable into their apartments.
      12. Threw their cigarette butts out the windows into the grass.
      13. Never used the green recycle bins, just threw all trash into the metal dumpsters.
      14. Broke the bird feeders hanging from the trees.
      15. Loitered.
      16. Harassed us for money.
      17. Started a grease fire in our building.
      18. Broke the soda machine.
      19. Broke the public pay phone.
      20. Let their brat kids run around, jump on cars, play in the garbage, be worse than animals.

      Ahhh, there’s a little non-coward racial dialogue for everyone!

    • proreason says:

      I don’t usually give advice, Brad, but you might want to do some soul-searching to see whether your obsession with clean underwear is harming your ability to connect with other cultures.

  31. jrmcdonald says:

    Hey! Arrest that man for hate speech!

  32. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    LD, what unit did you serve with in Nam’? My late father was with the 101st. I still have his service dress coat with the Screaming Eagles patch on the sleeve.

    • Consilience says:

      My father-in-law and a helluva a good guy did three combat tours in Nam—-and was a 101st chopper pilot…at 72 he’s still a giant of a man!

  33. Liberals Demise says:

    I was was with 1/7 @ An Hoa in “I” Corps. I was a “CommRat”. Humped a PRC-47 radio with all the goodies!! Ahhhhh….those were the days. Cold C-Rats, Long Hops, Little time inside the wire, every pest known to bite humans, Hump, hump and hump, gook sores, heat, cold, rain and the ever present Gunny!
    I don’t miss the pucker factor 10 but I do miss my brothers though!

  34. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    Many thanks for your service. My only brief stint with combat was in Desert Storm. I served under a unified command at a place called King Fahd Air Base, Saudi Arabia. We unofficially called it Hog Heaven because almost all the A-10’s in the air force inventory were there. My commanders were Col. Sawyer and Col. Sharpe of the 23rd and 354th Tactical Fighter Wings. Two of the bravest men I ever served with. Because when you’re a hog driver you fly into combat with one hand behind your back, despite how heavily armored the aircraft is. I served with some great people there. Some of whom never made it back home except in a flag draped coffin. I hated all that extra gear I had to carry, chemical suit, gas mask and filters etc,. in addition to my personal protective gear. Bag Drags really suck in the desert. Strange thing about that experience though, we were issued M-16’s and two hundred rounds of ammo each when we left our home station. But once touched down on Saudi soil our weapons and ammo were collected and we never saw them again. Period.

  35. proreason says:

    PR opens a racial dialogue with S&L cowards.

    I have a confession. I too am a minority. My paternal ancestors were Scots. First enslaved by Celts in pre-history. Then enslaved by the Romans in the first century a.d.. Then enslaved by the Normans in the 11th century. Later enslaved by the English. On my maternal side, I’m French. First enslaved by Julias Caeser. Later enslaved as serfs by feudal kings. Ms. reason is Hungarian Italian. Her Hungarian ancestors were first enslaved by the Romans and then lived as slave serfs under the Hapsburgs. Her Italian ancestors were enslaved by the Vandals about 400 a.d. and then lived as serf slaves until the early 1900’s when they immigrated to the U.S. and became subsistance farmer slaves. Centuries of slavery to haunt my life. While Africans were running free in forests for thousands of years, my ancestors suffered under the whips of oppressive masters.

    Scottish ancestors gave me ruddy skin. I can’t hide from it. 5 minutes in the sun and my nose lights up like a light-bulb. The discrimination I feel for this blight is unbearable. I scan crowds for the few other ruddy complexions, and as our eyes lock on each other’s noses, we share the same thought…..”but for the color of our skins, we would be billionaires”.

    Life is hell when you are ruddy. 15 years ago, ms. reason found her dream home, for $1.3M dollars. We made $75K between us at the time, and the realtor said we could afford it. I even had 1,000 dollars as a down payment. Yet we were refused a loan. Amazingly, a German bought that house shortly after we were refused. I reported it to the EEOC, but it turns out that the thousands of years of slavery in our backgrounds didn’t make us a protected class. The colors of our skins were not correct.

    Both ms. reason and myself have had many jobs. On EVERY SINGLE JOB, there has been a supervisor who was NOT the same heritage as ourselves. What are the odds of that? Consequently, we have never been promoted to the top of any business we have ever worked for. Slavery still haunts our lives.

    Now, S&L cowards, I have opened my heart and reached out to you for understanding. Here are my demands: that house (clear title, no payment, no taxes, insurance and maintenance covered by you), a new car (plus gas money and maintenance costs from you), quadrupling of my food stamps and health benefits.

    When can we talk?

    • Liberals Demise says:

      I feel your pain pr and so I will now attempt to show my colors too!
      My fathers people survived the “Trail of Tears” march in 1800 a.d.. My mothers side is pure Irish and we all know the hatred shown them when they came to these shores “LEGALLY” in the late 1800s a.d..
      So, as you can surmise….everytime I go to the bar and order a beer, there is a fight inside of myself between the Indian half and the Irish half to see which one gets drunk first! This is all to difficult to carry on…..(sniff) I……I….can’t do it ….

  36. Howard Roark says:

    PR and LD, I choose to look the other way and ignore your conditions. Despite being ScotsIrish/Cherokee from the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia, I am selling out my people and heritage by giving in to the slavemasters of our day.

    Instead of looking on the bright side, I’m fomenting anti-social behavior by refusing to assimilate into society. It’s what my slavemasters [African Americans] have done for centuries, now. For a while, I was like you–patriotic to a fault (hell, I even joined the Army and fought in a war), worried about doing the right thing from time to time, and tried not to have many babies by many women.

    But as time went on, I realized that the way African Americans were doing things was…superior. It wasn’t too hard to realize, I guess. I was waking up every day to go to a job to support them because that’s the way I was raised. Over time, I began to see that those African Americans had actually built an ingenius system where they didn’t work, yet lived a life of better clothes, better cars, better malt liquor, than ME!

    So I gave up on it, and joined my slavemasters. I currently have no job yet live off of the hard work of you other Scots Irish/Cherokees. It’s a sweet life, I tell ya’.

    As far as having a “conversation” with me and my slavemasters, I don’t think so. We’ve built a good system, here. Why do we want to rock the boat?

  37. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    See what you’ve started Mr. Holder? Now everybody has an ax to grind, or bury deep into that hard, narrow minded skull of yours.

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