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Holder: May Need Civilian Trial To Kill KSM

From a cheering Associated Press:

Holder raises question on Sept. 11 death penalty

By Pete Yost, Associated Press Writer

July 11, 2010

WASHINGTON – Attorney General Eric Holder says there’s a real question about whether a terrorist suspect such as self-professed Sept. 11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed can face the death penalty if he were to plead guilty before a military commission

He told CBS’ "Face the Nation" that it’s possible to impose the death penalty in a civilian setting for someone who pleads guilty. But he says there’s far less legal certainty about that possibility in a military setting.

Since January, Holder has said that all options are on the table about where to try Mohammed and the four other terrorist suspects

Holder said the Obama administration is working through issues about a site for the proceedings, taking into account the need for Congress to approve funding and trying to address concerns expressed by local officials.

"As soon as we can" resolve those issues, "we will make a decision as to where that trial will occur," Holder said.

In other words, Mr. Holder is now suggesting that the US can’t execute someone who pleads guilty in a military tribunal. That they therefore need to give Mr. Mohammed a civilian trial – and world forum – in order to give him the death penalty. –Isn’t that handy?

And is it even true that there has not been a single execution of anyone who has pled guilty in the entire history of US military tribunals going back to George Washington?

He said "the politicization of this issue, when we’re dealing with ultimate national security issues, is something that disturbs me a great deal."

Then he and his boss should stop doing it.

The attorney general said it is his hope that Congress provides money to move Guantanamo detainees to a new location in Thomson, Ill., where an underused state prison now exists.

"There is no reason to believe that people held in Guantanamo cannot be held wherever we put them in the United States. Again, very safely and very effectively," Holder said.

The need for congressional approval of the money for the project stands in the way of doing so, with Republicans and some Democrats objecting to bringing those prisoners into the United States.

These people will say anything, do anything, to try to get their way.

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4 Responses to “Holder: May Need Civilian Trial To Kill KSM”

  1. Chuckk says:

    Even if KSM is convicted and sentenced to death, he will die of old age long before he is killed. Our legal system is a sham run by clowns.

  2. hushpuppy says:

    The more I head or read of this regime’s asinine pronouncements, the more I’m convinced they _purposefully_ go out of their way to confuse issues and to make it difficult for people to figure out what’s fact and what’s fiction: they combine military with civilian Court systems and rules, and wants to make sure that when KSM dies, he gets his 72 piglets in Paradise.

    I have never seen such a mishmash of non-related rules of evidence, statements, civilian vs military, etc etc in all my life.

    So THIS is what it means to be ruled by the black man!

    Let’s hear it for complete lawlessness from the Prez on down.

    ‘Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!’

    ‘Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!’

  3. stir crazy says:

    This is the same group that is surprised by people crashing White House parties–and it is going to be in charge of keeping terrorist prisoners in jail within the U.S.?

    “Holder said the Obama administration is working through issues. . .” Working? Does he know the meaning of the word? In between rounds at the golf course? After packing for another vacation? Between the main course and dessert on a date night with Shelly? At the rate he made a decision on Afghanistan or the BP Oil Spill, he may have this one figured out by 2012.

  4. Reality Bytes says:

    Actually – all you need is to do is stop his heart from beating. The rest are just details & logistics.

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