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Holder (Obama) Orders 3rd Autopsy Of Michael Brown

From an approving New York Times:

Obama Administration Plans Autopsy of Michael Brown in Effort to Keep Peace


EDGARTOWN, Mass. — … Mr. Holder announced Sunday that a federal medical examiner would conduct an independent autopsy of Michael Brown, the 18-year-old who was shot Aug. 9 in Ferguson by Officer Darren Wilson.

The Times doesn’t think it’s worth noting until the very bottom of their long piece, but this will be the third autopsy of Mr. Brown. The first was done by the Missouri state authorities. The second was carried out by a very highly regarded coroner hired by the Brown family. But none of those found any gun shots from behind. So family will keep trying until they get the results they want.

Officials said the decision was the result of “extraordinary circumstances” in the case, and was part of a civil rights investigation the F.B.I. is conducting.

Yep. The circumstances are extraordinary all right. And even extra-legal.

The order for an additional autopsy may also help the Obama administration to reassure Mr. Brown’s family and others who are suspicious of the state’s investigation and are eager for an independent inquiry, something that Mr. Holder promised the family personally.

Brian Fallon, a Justice Department spokesman, said the department would also consider the results of the first, state-conducted autopsy. There was no indication that federal investigators saw any problems with the local examination. The family has also had a private autopsy conducted…

Once again, The Times doesn’t think it worth reporting that the family’s commissioned autopsy was performed by the world renown Dr. Michael Baden, the former chief medical examiner of New York City.

The tensions in Ferguson are shaping up as a signature moment for Mr. Holder, who has made civil rights issues a cornerstone of his tenure and who has indicated he will most likely leave office by the end of the year…

Hopefully on a rail. Because this ‘signature moment’ is finally exposing Mr. Holder as the racist we always knew he was.

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2 Responses to “Holder (Obama) Orders 3rd Autopsy Of Michael Brown”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Dammit, Holder shouted, the truth is what I say it is!

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    So what, exactly, Mr Holder happens when all attempts at gerrymandering events to suit your lockstep racial views don’t work out to your liking or to your expectations?

    Do you have a quiet moment of revelation and peace?

    Do you step back and re-think your position?

    Do you come to the conclusion that maybe you’ve been full of it all along and need to re-establish a line of thinking that will help you assimilate into a civilized world?

    All rhetorical questions, of course, Mr Holder because you will never do those things.

    You will, instead double-down on stupid and re-assert that in spite of your best efforts to prove it, the United States is, indeed, after all and fully ensconced in racism. And you know what? You’d be right.

    You are, beyond a shadow of a doubt the quintessential card-carrying racist that you think everyone else is. It’s ironic what you’ve become because of your beliefs to the contrary. You could never in a million years come to believe that you’ve become that which you despise.

    Live long and proper, Eric. You really have laid out an impossible path for yourself.

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