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Hollande’s Modest Assets Include Riviera Villa

From a very selective Agence France-Presse:

France’s ‘President Normal’ declares modest assets

May 11, 2012

PARIS — France’s president-elect Francois Hollande — who campaigned as a “Mr Normal” figure — declared a very modest collection of assets as he prepared for his swearing-in ceremony next Tuesday.

The AFP manages to use the word “modest” twice in just their headline and lead sentence.

Hollande, a 57-year-old career politician with four children, owns three properties in the south — a family villa in the hills above Cannes and two small flats — worth a total of 1.17 million euros ($1.5 million).

So we are to believe that a villa on the French Riviera and two apartments in the South Of France are only worth a total of $1.5 million? You can’t even buy a studio apartment in Manhattan for $1.5 million.

Is Hollande undervaluing his properties or is the AFP doing it for him?

Aside from that, Hollande owns no shares and has a life insurance policy worth only 3,550 euros [$4,562], furniture worth 15,000 euros [$19,276] and a total of 8,258 euros in current accounts, according to a declaration in the official gazette Friday.

He listed the value of his furniture?

Still, isn’t it a little irresponsible of him to not have any life insurance when he has four children as well as a former girlfriend, Segolene Royal, dependent on him?

Apparently, we are suppose to admire Hollande for not being responsible and for not having accrued any assets in his life.

By comparison, France’s outgoing leader Nicolas Sarkozy leaves office with a pair of life insurance policies worth a total of 2,584,034 euros (around $3.3 million) and 59,919 euros [$77,001] in his current account.

Wow. That Sarkozy is venal. He has life insurance policies and $77,000 in the bank!

Sarkozy’s declaration, made on March 24, lists the value of his collection of “autographs, watches and statuettes” at 100,000 euros [$128,510].


The right-winger, also 57, was a lawyer before coming into government and suffered at the poll from his reputation as a friend of the rich with flashy tastes symbolised by his Ray-Ban sunglasses and Rolex watch

Note how Sarkozy is called a right-winger, but the avowed socialist Hollande is never labeled.

Hollande, who rented the flat in Paris he used as an MP before his election and was famous for riding a scooter to get about the capital, will now live rent-free in the Elysee Palace and receive a presidential salary. But here too he intends to adopt a different tone than did Sarkozy.

After Sarkozy came to office in 2007, parliament increased his salary by 170 percent from 7,000 euros to 19,000 per month — 228,000 euros (around $290,000) per year — to match that of the prime minister.

Hollande has vowed that among his new government’s first acts will be a law to reduce his salary and that of all his ministers by 30 percent.

Tell us when he has done this.

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5 Responses to “Hollande’s Modest Assets Include Riviera Villa”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    I’ve said it for twenty+ years Communism – at it’s core – was nothing more than a self-aware criminal mafia masquerading as political ideology. The inner circle knew full well what they were and why they were doing it.

    Today’s “radical Left” leaders watched, learned and are now deploying the same strategies and tactics to the same effect leading me to conclude that the delusional fellow travelers of the past have become the new mafia kingpins of the present.

    Why work for a living when investing in hostile political takeovers allows you to loot an entire nation?

    Ref: see Chavez, Democratic Party of the USA, various and sundry Asian and African nations, France and Putin

  2. Petronius says:

    Hollande has apparently done a good job turning modesty, indolence, and mediocrity into a virtue. Or so he would have us believe.

    Of course in a socialist state there is no need for insurance policies and bank deposits––no need, in fact, for husbands, fathers, and providers––since the state provides everything.

    There is no need for the gift-love which moves a man to work and plan and save for the future well-being of his family. There is no need for diligence, effort, wisdom, foresight, prudence, patience, sacrifice, energy, intelligence, success, forgiveness, nor any of the other virtues that go into accumulation of wealth for one’s family––a bounty in which the hard-working father may never enjoy or share in.

    And of course in a socialist state there is no respect for property. Property can always be replaced by fresh exactions upon “the rich”––upon the providers. Exactions imposed by the drones upon those foolish worker bees.

    Then, too, there is the possibility that Hollande has done a good job hiding his assets from the tax collectors. That is, after all, the national pastime of France.

    And will his assets and those of his cronies still be so modest when he leaves office? We shall see.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Funny you should mention “the providers” which reminded me of Star Trek’s “The Gamesters Of Triskelion” where, “Kirk, Uhura and Chekov are trapped on a planet where abducted aliens are enslaved and trained to perform as gladiators for the amusement of bored, faceless aliens.:


      Seems the masses of France will choose to be enslaved to do the bidding of the “bored, faceless aliens”.

      In the leadup to the climax, Kirk is blipped down to the basement where these aliens live and makes a wager. They consist of nothing more than a brain without any sort of body, kept alive artificially and they have so much intellect, they amuse themselves by causing pain to others.

      In a way, the parallel is fitting. A very small number of self-proclaimed superiors uses the muscle, resources of others to satisfy their desires, wants and needs. All the while, producing nothing themselves. Oh how I love the glaring subtlety of science-fiction.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      The bored, faceless aliens were known as “the providers”.

    • untrainable says:

      100 Quatloos against the newcomer.
      500 Quatloos that France will become the next Greece.
      1000 Quatloos that the EU will fall and the Thralls will riot.

      Why not let the Thralls govern themselves?
      Thralls, govern themselves??? Ridiculous!

      Thanks Rusty… I loves me some Star Trek…

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