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Judge Declares A “Mistrial” In Holy Land Case

From a relieved Associated Press:

Verdicts unclear in Muslim charity case

DALLAS – The trial of five former Muslim charity leaders was thrown into turmoil Monday when jurors acquitted three of them of funding terrorism — but some members of the panel disputed the verdict announced against the two others.

U.S. District Judge A. Joe Fish sent the panel back to resolve the differences, and because of the confusion, did not officially accept any of the jury’s findings.

The verdicts were announced after a two-month trial and 19 days of deliberation. When they were read in court, three jurors said they were incorrect.

The jury forewoman said she was surprised by the three jurors’ actions.

“When we voted, there was no issue in the vote,” she said. “No one spoke up any different. I really don’t understand where it is coming from.”

The judge had announced that Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development fundraiser Mufid Abdulqader was acquitted on all counts, and two co-defendants — former chairman Mohammed El-Mezain Mohammed El-Mezain and the group’s New Jersey representative, Abdulrahman Odeh — were acquitted on most counts.

The verdicts questioned by the jurors were on charges against the foundation, as well as former chief executive Shukri Abu Baker and former chairman Ghassan Elashi.

In all, five former Holy Land leaders and the group were accused of providing aid to the Middle Eastern militant group Hamas. The U.S. government designated Hamas a terrorist group in 1995 and again in 1997, making financial transactions with the group illegal.



And now this despicable news, from the Associated Press:

Mistrial Declared in Muslim Charity Case


DALLAS – A judge declared a mistrial Monday for most former leaders of a Muslim charity accused of funding terrorism, after chaos broke out in the court when three jurors disputed the verdict that had been announced.

One of the defendants, former Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development Chairman Mohammed El-Mezain, was acquitted of most charges.

What is wrong with the system of justice in this country?

Have the school systems finally dumbed everyone down so far that they are too stupid to be jurors?

Or were some people paid off?

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