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Homeless Protest Occupy Sacramento Camp

From the Sacramento CBS affiliate, KOVR:

Homeless Clash With Occupy Sacramento Protesters At Park

Tony Lopez
November 7, 2011

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — As the Occupy Sacramento movement settles in for another night inside Cesar Chavez Park, another group sits, watches and wonders if they’ll ever get what they call “their park” back. “These homeless people have been out here alot longer than you have,” one homeless person tells CBS13.

For years this plaza in the heart of Sacramento has been a homeless hide-away. But some just want the Occupy group to go away: “I just wish they’d give us our park back,” one homeless woman says. She’s one of dozens of homeless who’ve signed a petition.

Part of the problem, some homeless argue, they feel they’ve lost their freedom.

“They got their own security, they act like the police,” one man tells Lopez. “Anytime you do anything they say you can’t do this and that … and we’re saying ‘you’re not the police.’”

But the allegations of harassment go both ways. “She on numerous occasions came to me with violent threats like “I’m going to get you,’ just terrible things,” one Occupy organizer says.

The Occupy leader felt so threatened by a homeless woman, she thought about getting a restraining order.

Now she knows how a lot of the people being protested by the Occupation Army must feel.

While she worries about her loss of security, those who used to call this park home worry about how long this group will stay.

“They say they’re gonna stay until Wall Street goes down,” one homeless woman says. “I don’t see Wall Street going down. Wall Street is too big.”

Unfortunately she is only half right. Capitalism, like freedom, is a lot more fragile than most people realize.

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4 Responses to “Homeless Protest Occupy Sacramento Camp”

  1. untrainable says:

    …violent threats like “I’m going to get you,’ just terrible things,”
    MY GOD MAN. Someone said…”I’m gonna get you”.
    Did they cap off that incindiary comment with “Sucka”?
    It’s so entertaining listening to the complaints of the OWS morons. They stand for the 99%… except for the 3 or 4% at the bottom. Screw them. Don’t let them eat our free food. Don’t let them squat where we’re squatting. THEY DON’T BELONG!!!

    Typical democrat projection, only convoluted into a protest. GIVE US FREE STUFF. Hey! You! Homeless guy, get away from my IPAD. No, you can’t have any free food. No, you can’t share my fire… get a job and leave us alone.

    You guys better get on the good side of the homeless. They’re going to be teaching you how to survive your liberal utopia.

  2. NoNeoCommies says:

    The Sacto OWS don’t need any Irony supplements.

    Now we have two groups in Sacramento that believe they have an absolute (and exclusive) right to use public property as and when they want.
    We’re supposed to pay for the upkeep, the cops, the cleaning, etc. because they have a right to force their opinion on others until we give up and hand them what they want.

    Their extralegal attempt to circumvent the political process is an attack on the real 99%.
    Maybe they should worry…

  3. eaglewingz08 says:

    Gee, it takes all of 8 weeks for libtards living by their own “rules” to devolve into Lord of the Flies territory. What hope and change is that? What society would willingly choose to live by the rules of these exemplars of libtard ideology? As Jesus said, “Judge them by their fruit”. The fruit of the OWS is poisonous and toxic and will be rejected by most right thinking people.

  4. jobeth says:


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